Using diodes for reverse battery and current protection

15th July 2019
Posted By : Lanna Cooper

Using ideal diodes for reverse battery and current protection. An overview from Texas Instruments of ideal diode functions and applications.

Implementing reverse battery and current protection using discrete components can get the job done, but it comes with trade offs.

The power dissipation across discrete diodes is substantial and hard to ignore. TI's ideal diode devices are integrated circuits that mimic the behaviour of an ideal diode with a fraction of the discrete solution size. Read more about how an ideal diode could be the solution to your design challenges here, or continue to watch the video below for a technical overview.

One of the ideal diode's key strengths is its low forward voltage drop compared to a traditional Schottky diode. Ideal diodes surpass both discrete diode and MOSFET solutions when it comes to thermal efficiency. Most importantly, ideal diode devices integrate all these features into a substantially smaller size.

Now let’s take a deeper look. At 6V and 10A conditions, discrete alternatives like a Schottky diode or P channel MOSFET solutions run at very high temperatures. The TI ideal diode and external MOSFET combination run significantly cooler, providing a 63% decrease in temperature.

In comparison of the same three solutions shown before, the ideal diode controller arrangement is substantially smaller. That’s an 80% reduction in size compared to its discrete diode alternative.

The ideal diode controller shown in the solution size example is TI’s LM74700-Q1 device. It is well suited for automotive applications, meeting requirements for AEC and ISO qualifications. Other benefits include a wide input voltage range and protection against accidental reverse polarity connections.

Outside the automotive market, industrial applications can also benefit from ideal diodes. Applications include redundant power supplies that require a reverse current blocking and systems with parallel batteries, such as small household appliances.

To find out more, watch the rest of the video below.

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