UltraCapacitors offer alternative to Batteries

16th May 2006
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UltraCapacitors offer alternative to Batteries
Maxwell Technologies has announced Power-type versions of its BOOSTCAP "D-Cell" ultracapacitor cells, packs and modules to provide high-performance, "life-of-the system" alternatives to batteries for automotive electrical power network stabilization and industrial applications.
Dr. Richard Balanson, Maxwell's president and chief executive officer, said that the new, flashlight battery size, BCAP0310 P250 310-farad cell and compact, fully integrated, six-cell 15-volt packs and modules provide simple, low-cost, backup power solutions to avoid malfunctions that occur

when multiple simultaneous electrical power demands cause a "voltage sag" that can upset microprocessors that manage electrical subsystems in modern vehicles. Industrial applications include power on demand for robotic systems and uninterruptible power supplies (UPS).

"With more than 60 million new cars rolling off assembly lines around the

world each year, and the proliferation of power-consuming luxury and safety

features in current and future vehicles, automotive power network

stabilization represents an immediate and very sizeable opportunity for

ultracapacitor-based solutions, so we continue to move aggressively to

capitalize on Maxwell's position as the global technology leader," Balanson


Dr. John M. Miller, Maxwell's vice president for advanced transportation

applications, said that the BCAP0310 P250 is the latest addition to company'

s line of Power-type ultracapacitor products whose versatility and high

performance make them a compelling alternative to battery-based solutions

for hybrid drive systems, idle stop-start, all-electric braking and steering

and other applications in addition to power network stabilization.

"Automakers are turning to ultracapacitors for solutions that optimize

efficiency, ensure reliable cold starting, better manage power flows,

stiffen and smoothen the power distribution network and provide fail-safe

backup for critical safety systems," Miller said. "Maxwell's Power products

have the lowest equivalent series resistance (ESR) and highest efficiency

available with current ultracapacitor technology."

Other new BOOSTCAP Power products include cells ranging in capacitance from

650 to 2,600 farads and 10 fully integrated modules based on the new cells.

All of the cells with a capacitance of 650 farads or greater operate at 2.7

volts, enabling them to store more energy and deliver more power per unit

volume than any other commercially available ultracapacitor products.

Maxwell also offers a line of low-cost Energy-type products for lighter duty

industrial, UPS, telecommunications and consumer electronics applications.

"All of these products meet or exceed demanding transportation and

industrial application requirements for both watt-hours of energy storage

and watts of power delivery per kilogram and will perform reliably for more

than one million discharge-recharge cycles," Miller said. "The proprietary

architecture and material science on which these product families are based

also significantly reduce manufacturing cost, positioning Maxwell to compete

favourably with batteries and other competing technologies."

Miller noted that Maxwell's multi-cell modules for automotive applications

are encased in rugged, splash-proof aluminium chassis and include internal

cell balancing that give designers "plug and play" solutions, plus

module-to-module balancing that makes them versatile building blocks for

systems with higher voltage

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