New battery technology offers unprecedented performance

5th November 2013
Posted By : Nat Bowers
New battery technology offers unprecedented performance

Battery technology has changed little for many years but new technologies are emerging - now one has arrived, it’s making waves and is called Lead Crystal. Recently launched in the UK, the Lead Crystal Battery utilises a new, patented technology to provide a battery that performs unlike any other available.

Lead Crystal is the combination of a unique and very sophisticated blend of chemicals which, when charged, crystallise. The result is an electrolyte that packs into the advanced 99.9% pure lead plates and protects them from the effects of sulphation. The other major advantage of this new electrolyte is the acid content - typically in a VRLA battery it would be around 30-35% Sulphuric Acid; the Lead Crystal battery has 5%.

The Lead Crystal Battery offers many advantages over previous battery technologies: it offers a cyclic capability 4 times greater than its nearest competitor; it features an operating temperature range of -40°C to +65°C; it can charge twice as fast as alternative batteries; it can be discharged down to 0 volts and fully recovered multiple times; and it can also be stored for 2 years without a conditioning charge and returned to full capacity.

Lead Crystal batteries have been declared safe for Air, Sea and Road transportation without any special conditions. Due to the make-up of the electrolyte gassing is massively reduced and as it is crystalline in form, this battery can be used in any orientation without risk.

The most important point about Lead Crystal batteries is that they perform, and perform beyond expectations no matter what the application. During recent cycle testing carried out by the Technical University of Eindhoven, the Lead Crystal battery outperformed its closest rival considerably in terms of deep discharge cycling and recovery. In other high capacity discharge tests, the Lead Crystal battery was repeatedly charged and discharged as a 48v battery system, using a 40amp load bank. Even at 80 degrees Centigrade, the battery was discharged down to 0.26v and then recovered fully. Not once or twice, but multiple times over a period of many days, with no charge duration greater than 6 hours.

Harsh treatment such as extremely high or low temperatures has always been problematic for standard batteries, especially the amount of hydrogen gas emitted under charge conditions in warm environments. Lead Crystal removes this issue significantly, requiring less cooling, less airflow and increasing efficiency savings while decreasing ongoing maintenance costs. In addition to this is the 99% recyclable rating - even the case can be fully recycled. The green credentials of Lead Crystal start to show a greater sustainability impact, something all businesses should be currently focusing on.

So, the product exists, it works and it performs - all that is needed now is for you to take a closer look. If sustainability, green credentials and a far better TCO option are serious considerations for your business, take a look at the Lead Crystal range of batteries; from UPS systems to starter batteries, communications to electric vehicles, there is a product to suit your requirements but most importantly, exceed your expectations.

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