Converters for advanced railway applications

Posted By : Alex Lynn
Converters for advanced railway applications

The new range of industrial standard quarter brick DC/DC converters from MINMAX, the MTQZ50 and the MTQZ75, are approved to meet demanding railway applications and are specifically designed for advanced railway applications. 

MINMAX's next generation DC/DC converter modules, the MTQZ50 and the MTQZ75, conform to railway emission standard EN 50121-3-2, as well as railway safety standards EN50155 and IEC 60571. In addition, the new DC/DC converters also adhere to vibration and shock standards specified by EN 61373, environmental standards IEC/EN 60068-2-1,2,30, and fire protection standards EN45545-2.

The MTQZ50 and MTQZ75 DC/DC converter series, are comprised of eight models, integrate an I/O isolation of 3000VAC, offer ultra wide input voltage ranges of 72 (43-101VDC) and 110 (66-160VDC) with outputs of 5, 12, 15, and 24V.

The next generation DC/DC converters, providing a high efficiency level of up to 92%, incorporate features like remote on/off control, remote sense, output voltage trim, overload/voltage/temperature protection circuits, and convection cooled ambient temperatures.

MINMAX's industrial standard quarter brick DC/DC converter modules, the MTQZ50 and the MTQZ75 series, comply with the specification requirements of international railway certification ‘EN50155 (IEC 60571): Railway Application Electronic Equipment Used on Rolling Stock’. The certification covers humidity, cooling, dry heat, and damp heat tests, mechanical requirement tests, Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) tests, insulation tests, rugged environmental tests, and I/O voltage isolation tests.

As required by the EN50155 Railway Certification, MINMAX's railway certified MTQZ50 and MTQZ75 DC/DC converters draw power directly from the train’s battery power source, operating in the same range as the storage battery voltage without the requirement of any additional voltage stabilising device.

Furthermore, the DC/DC converters cover input ranges, voltage spikes, transients, and brown-outs specified by the EN50155 standard for railway electronic equipment system, integrating the capacity to withstand input voltage drops of 0.6VN for 100ms, and over-voltage surges of 1.4VN for 1s, with tight insulation to ensure safety.

The MTQZ50 and MTQZ75 series of industrial standard quarter brick DC/DC converters conform to the 3000VAC I/O isolation requirements of EN50155 Railway Certification. The 3KVAC I/O isolation with reinforced insulation presents a strong electrical barrier, which protects sensitive circuits from noise, power bus fluctuations, electromagnetic disturbances, electric shocks, surges, transient voltage spikes, mechanical damages, insulation breakdown of power architectures, and shorts between the ground loop, air gaps, PCB tracks, and arcing.

MINMAX's MTQZ50 and MTQZ75 series of industrial standard quarter brick DC/DC converters are backed by a three-year warranty, are Reach compliant, RoHS compliant, and conflict mineral free.


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