Transparent bonding for acrylic, glass and polycarbonate

24th March 2006
ES Admin
Dymax 3099 adhesive from Intertronics is considered ideal for all high quality display purposes where clean transparent bonds are needed on acrylic, glass and polycarbonate, either for screens or structural elements.
Dymax 3099 offers ultra fast curing, clarity, high tensile strength, 95% elongation at break and good resistance to moisture and thermal cycling. Curing takes only a few seconds on exposure to moderate intensity 365nm wavelength UV light, to provide optimised productivity in both automated and hand assembly processes. It is capable of full cure in as little as 30 seconds at intensities as low as 10 mW/cm2. However, curing does not take place until exposed to light, permitting precise positioning prior to bonding. A viscosity of 150 cP makes it perfect for applications where the adhesive has to flow into tight bond areas, whilst higher viscosities are available. It is 100% solvent-free and user-friendly.

Though many applications require the joining of mating surfaces, Dymax 3099 forms acceptable bonds where irregular surfaces result in a less than perfect fit. It can cure through a thickness of 6mm in seconds, to create stronger bonds and better seals. This makes it ideal for many applications, including automotive glass and plastic assembly, bonding trophies, acrylic furniture and point of sale (POS) parts, display cases, stemware, figurines, art and novelties, and for use in architectural applications. Key characteristics include invisible bonds, high adhesion, toughness and durability.

Dymax adhesives and curing systems form part of Intertronics adhere concept, which covers the company’s range of adhesives, encapsulants, coatings, sealants and tapes, as well as the associated dispensing, curing and surface preparation equipment and materials used in the manufacturing and assembly processes.

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