System accurately dispenses materials without mess and contamination

9th March 2006
ES Admin
The adhere Autotube from Intertronics dispenses liquids, pastes, greases, silicons or similar materials directly from their collapsible "toothpaste tubes". It minimises messy transfer, as well as air bubbles and contamination, and provides dispensing control and accuracy.
Manual dispensing is problematical across all industries – not getting material the right place in the right amounts at the right time can lead to problems of quality degredation and lost production. The Autotube eliminates this in a precise easily operable package, allowing fine trigger control of a pressurised delivery system.

A pneumatic dispenser, the DSPE501A, controls the dispense cycle for industry standard "toothpaste tubes" of 100g, 200g and 300g. Upon operation of the gun trigger or foot switch, the DSPE501A sends a timed air pulse to the cartridge containing the tube. The tube is evenly subjected to the timed air pressure, resulting in no mess, no waste, precise deposits, higher production yields and improved operator comfort - eg reducing risk of Repetitive Strain Injury.

Installation is said to be simple. An adapter and cartridge are attached to the collapsible material tube, which is then placed into a cartridge retainer. The retainer is pressurised and controlled by pressure dispenser for even and controlled material output. The cartridge retainer can be supported in a gun handle with a trigger switch to actuate the pressure dispenser, or mounted on a stand and activated using a foot switch.

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