SIL/SHE Safety Critical Alarm Monitoring over Fibre

13th August 2010
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Omniflex can provide complete sitewide alarm management system in accordance to the requirements of IEC61508 and EEMUA 191 standards. These systems include the conditioning of the front end process signal through SIL rated Trip amplifiers and transmit these alarms over copper cable or via SIL2 rated Fibre optic Transmitters/Receivers (where Fibre optic cable is used) into SIL rated Alarm Annunciators and Sub 1 millisecond Sequence of Event Recorders.
The OMNITERM Fibre Optic transmitter/receiver modules (FCT & FCR) provide the ability to send a digital contact signal up to 4km over a single optical fibre. Fail Safety is a key feature in the design of these modules and care has been taken to ensure the highest level of reliability. The FCT and FCR modules have a pfd suitable for SIL2 (Safety Integrity Level 2) applications. Forming part of Omniflex's extensive OMNITERM range of industrial instrumentation, the OMNITERM FCT and FCR are designed to be DIN rail or surface mounted and are an economical 22.5mm wide.

The Omniterm Fibre Optic Transmitters are Ideal for Areas of High Electrical Interference, Critical Failsafe Alarms and Safety Interlock Systems.

There are many advantages of using Fibre optic cable over conventional copper or coaxial cables including

* High data rate and wide bandwidth
* Immunity to EMI/RFI and lightning damage
* No ground loops
* Low attenuation (data loss)
* Longer distances
* Secure Communications
* Low System Cost
* Longer Life Expectancy than Copper or Coaxial Cable
* Cable of the Future

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