MAX2664/65: 0.7mm2 UHF/VHF LNAs bring digital TV to mobile devices

22nd September 2010
ES Admin
Maxim introduces the MAX2664/MAX2665 low-noise amplifiers (LNAs) designed specifically for UHF and VHF mobile TV applications. These devices offer a fully integrated LNA solution in a 0.86mm x 0.86mm, 0.4mm-pitch wafer-level package (WLP) with only four pins. Only requiring one external component (an input-match inductor) to complete the board-level design, the MAX2664/MAX2665 minimize solution footprint for today's continually shrinking handheld designs.
Maxim's advanced SiGe BiCMOS process enables these compact broadband LNAs to surpass the performance of today's larger competitive options. They deliver 15dB of gain, support the 75MHz to 230MHz (MAX2665) and 470MHz to 860MHz (MAX2664) frequency ranges, and offer a low 1.1dB noise figure for improved receive sensitivity over discrete and CMOS solutions. In addition, customers can expect longer battery life in their end equipment due to a low operating supply current of 3.5mA (typ). An integrated bypass switch places the LNAs in bypass mode (5microamps, typ) during high-signal-level conditions to extend power savings and protect the LNAs.

The MAX2664/MAX2665 operate from a 2.4V to 3.5V supply, and are fully specified over the -40 degrees Celsius to +85 degrees Celsius extended industrial temperature range.

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