Isopropyl alcohol wipes aid adhesive bonding

1st November 2007
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Intertronics has launched pre-saturated ADH1610 Isopropyl alcohol wipes to aid the formation of better adhesive bonds. Isopropyl alcohol is the solvent of choice for the final preparation, cleaning and degreasing of all substrates prior to adhesive bonding. In addition, it is useful for the cleaning up of many uncured adhesives, sealants and resins. Free sample wipes are available from Intertronics via
adhere ADH1610 Isopropyl wipes come in boxes of 50 wipes, each pre-saturated with an optimal amount of solvent for the cleaning task so as to replace dispensing bottles and glass containers, minimise user exposure and improve health and safety. Each wipe is made from non-abrasive hydroentangled cellulose/polyester with low particulate generation and extra absorbency.

ADH1610 wipes are excellent for removal of fluxes, light oils, polar soils, dirt, inks and oxides - they are safe on plastics. Other typical applications include digital printers and print heads, tape recorder heads, printed circuit boards, connectors and gold fingers. Mobile telephones, computers, photocopiers and office equipment, LCD panels, medical equipment and relays can be effectively cleaned. They are ideal for flux cleaning and removal, as well as use in optics and fibre optics and for fibre optic connectors. Cleaning of phonograph records, vinyl LPs, CDs, DVDs, photographic negatives and slides, also glass and the preparation of metal and composite surfaces prior to painting. Further information regarding Intertronics’ products can be found at

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