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14th July 2008
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The latest Aethercomm high power, super broadband RF amplifier, operating from 2.0 to 6.0GHz, is now available from Admiral Microwaves. Offering better performance and improved efficiency over conventional amplifier technologies, this Gallium Nitride (GaN) -based amplifier is robust enough for broadband high power class A and AB amplifiers for military communications systems. Designed to transmit voice, data and video, the SSPA 2.0-6.0-50 will also find applications in high-end communications systems for the aerospace and commercial sectors, and is increasingly being used in wireless industrial systems.
Gallium nitride amplifiers offer considerably better performance than traditional GaAs, LDMOS and VDMOS solutions, primarily because the GaN process supports a maximum junction temperature of 225ºC. This translates into base plate amplifier temperatures of 85ºC with no degradation in MTBF for the active devices. GaN solutions are also typically 10 to 15% more efficient over octave bandwidths than conventional amplifier technologies. In addition they offer better in-band harmonics with exceptional gain and power over extremely broad bands.

The Aethercomm SSPA 2.0-6.0-50 is one of a wide range of high power, broadband, GaN RF amplifiers. This model offers high power over a multi-octave bandwidth from 2.0 to 6.0GHz. It features a typical P3dB of 50W and a typical noise figure of 10.0 dB at room temperature. Typical gain is quoted at 48dB with a typical gain flatness of ± 2.5dB. Input and output VSWR is 2.0:1 maximum. Class AB quiescent current is ~2.5A typical, operating from a +28Vdc supply (± 2% input voltage).

The SSPA 2.0-6.0-50 is packaged in a modular housing that is approximately 63.5 x 162.6 x 25.4mm. It features an external DC blanking command that enables and disables the module in 7.5µs typical. A logic low or open circuit switches the amplifier ‘on’. A logic high command switches it ‘off’. Standard features include over/under voltage protection and reverse polarity protection. The output is fully protected from an open or short circuit presented to this port with no damage. I/O RF connectors are SMA female and provided as standard. DC and command voltages are connected via a nine pin D subminiature connector.

Optional features include over-temperature shut-down, forward and reflected power monitoring, linearisation, internal gain control, receiver integration and TR module integration. Other custom options are available.

Manufactured in the US, the SSPA 2.0-6.0-50 is now available in the UK from Admiral Microwaves, on standard lead times for RF power amplifiers. Price is dependent on the options selected.

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