Cordless two pack dispenser for repetitive applications

17th May 2006
ES Admin
The EZ-mix®HI from Intertronics is said to be ideal for repetitive application of adhesives or sealants from twin pack cartridges. Its light weight, cordless and drip-free operation will appeal to anyone using standard 50ml twin pack materials in areas as diverse as displays, engineering, dentistry, marine building and agricultural, where the adhesive has to be taken to the workpiece.
Like a cordless powertool, the EZ-mix®HI is easy to hold, use and recharge, offering the advantages of power application with a roving capability and can be used in small confined spaces.

The EZ-mix®HI can be used to dispense a straight bead of material, a bead along a curved path, or even droplets. Since a ratcheting motion is not used (you simply squeeze the trigger), it’s easy to control the placement of material and to adjust the speed control knob in order to change the rate of flow.

The unit is capable of exerting 200lbs force and so can easily dispense even high viscosity materials faster than 1ml/second. Depending on the viscosity of material dispensed, a fully charged battery pack has enough power to dispense from 20 to 40 cartridges of material. The adjustable Drip-Free? feature virtually eliminates dripping – it’s like having "suck back" without the need for air.

The EZ-mix®HI uses almost any manufacturer’s material packages in 50ml dual cartridges. Models are available for standard (rectangular flange) or new (rounded flange) cartridge and for 1:1, 2:1, 3:2, or 4:1 mix ratios.

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