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Bespoke Harsh Environment Connector Solutions from Omnetics

In an age of unparalleled technological innovation, with advanced electronics being designed to improve the performance and reliability of systems in every industry, from space, aerospace and defence to healthcare and manufacturing, it is essential that every component keeps in step with the pace of change.

Technology is an ecosystem - a chain of linked elements that combine to deliver functionality - and a chain is only as strong as its weakest link. In the development of electronics and connectors, the watchwords are lightweight, rugged, high data rates, and portable.

When it comes to innovation, much attention is paid to the intricacies of software and the capabilities of core hardware components, but less emphasis is put on cable and connectors that act as the essential links in the chain of IT infrastructure.

Yet this area is also a hotbed of innovation, with new cable standards coming into force, new materials entering the market, and the trend towards miniaturization changing the demands on cabling infrastructure.

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