Cell and Pack Material Trends for EV Batteries

29th March 2021
Lanna Deamer

The technology behind Electric Vehicles (EVs) is improving rapidly. Energy density is increasing at the cell- and pack-level with changes to the cathode, anode, pack design and much more. 

The EV market in itself generates many new material demands and within this market, these trends are impacting the various materials utilised. IDTechEx has extensive research in this area in the form of market reports but also a new spreadsheet-based forecasting tool designed to help you create your own market forecasts.

This webinar provides an overview of some of the recent developments in cell and pack design impacting the EV materials market. It will then also give a demonstration of the new scenario forecasting tool from IDTechEx which allows you to create your own market forecast scenarios for the materials utilised at a cell and pack level in the electric car market.

Presented by IDTechEx Technology Analyst Dr James Edmondson, this webinar will provide:

  • Key recent trends in battery cell and pack design
  • How this impacts the relevant materials markets
  • The IDTechEx scenario forecasting tool demonstration

IDTechEx will be hosting the same webinar three times in one day, so please join which ever session is the most convenient for you. Spaces are limited.

Date: Thursday 8th April 2021 Duration: 30 minutes

Webinar times

Session #1 - Asia-Pacific 2:00am (Your Local Time GMT+1) 2:00am (London Time) Register.

Session #2 - Europe 10:00am (Your Local Time GMT+1) 10:00am (London Time) Register.

Session #3 - Americas 5:00pm (Your Local Time GMT+1) 5:00pm (London Time) Register.

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