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Texas Instruments at embedded world 2023

21st March 2023
Kiera Sowery

At embedded world 2023, Artem Aginskiy, General Manager at Texas instruments talks to Electronic Specifier's Editor, Mick Elliott, about the introduction of Texas Instruments new family of vision processors.

Texas Instruments unveiled its new family of AM6A vision processors at embedded world 2023, enabling analytics at the Edge.

“The world is becoming more autonomous. What that means is you need more decision making right there where the sensor data happens. That’s what we call ‘at the Edge’. With that, you need the intelligence to make those decisions… the electronics are making those decisions,” explains Artem Aginskiy.

Analytics solves this problem by tailoring a decision process to real world data, and train around what it sees. More importantly, over time it improves.

“What makes the TI portfolio so unique is we’re enabling it at the Edge,” adds Aginskiy.

Texas Instruments AM62A, AM8, and AM69A Arm Cortex-A53 or Cortex-A72 Vision processors come with 2 to CPU cores and deep learning accelerators delivering from 1 TOPS to 32 TOPS for low-power vision and artificial intelligence (AI) processing in applications such as video doorbells, machine vision, and autonomous mobile robots.

Three families and a total of 6 parts are available:

  • AM62A3, AM62A3-Q1, AM62A7, and AM62A7-Q1 single to quad-core Cortex-A53 processors support one to two cameras at less than 2W in applications such as video doorbells and smart retail systems. Equipped with a 1TOPS vision processor, the AM62A3 is the cheapest model of the family going for $12 in 1,000-unit quantities.
  • AM68A dual-core Cortex-A72 processor can handle one to eight cameras in applications like machine vision, with up to 8 TOPS of AI processing for video analytics.
  • AM69A octa-core Cortex-A72 SoC supports up to 12 cameras and achieves up to 32 TOPS of AI processing for high-performance applications such as edge AI boxes, autonomous mobile robots, and traffic monitoring systems.

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