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CMX7164 Multi-mode Wireless Data Modem

25th November 2011
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The CMX7164 provides 4/16/64-QAM and root-raised-cosine 2/4FSK baseband modem functions in a single chip, replacing the current need for user programmed DSP plus codec ICs. This development includes digital IF filters, auxiliary codecs, clock generator, and I/O functions that lower total BOM cost and chip count.
The device is a complete baseband modem system delivering multiple modulations for narrowband applications. These include M2M systems over dedicated channels, digital Software Defined Radio (SDR), high-speed wireless data and SCADA systems. The half-duplex device operates up to 96kbps in 25kHz and it supports 6.25kHz, 12.5kHz and 25kHz bandwidths, making it ideal for narrowbanding migration worldwide.

The high level of total integration reduces unnecessary technical risk and time to market.
Device capabilities are expandable and additional modulation types such as GMSK/GFSK will be provided. QAM provides new, higher data rates and legacy RRC 4FSK and GMSK/GFSK features provide backward compatibility with legacy systems.

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