Podcast: Season 2 - Episode #7 - Engineers Without Borders

5th March 2021
Joe Bush

This latest podcast from Electronic Specifier Insights features Emma Crichton C.Eng, Member of the Institution of Civil Engineers, and Head of Engineering at Engineers Without Borders UK (EWB UK), a movement established to respond to the act that engineering cannot operate in isolation from social and environmental issues.

It is one of 60 Engineers Without Borders organisations around the world.

Their ambition is to drive change and ensure that engineering is a force for good in the world.

As Crichton explains EWB UK partners with companies, most recently Electrocomponents, academia and individuals.

She talks about the actions it is pursuing, most pertinently working with STEM, and designing modules for sustainable engineering which are presented in colleges and universities.

She paints a compelling picture of how innovation should be pursued to help eliminate social injustices and aid the fight to combat environmental issues.

Emma Crichton is a chartered civil engineer with six years’ experience in the Water industry in Scotland. She has worked on a variety of projects and has consistently believed in the importance of collaboration, impactful partnerships and the role engineering has to play in bettering our society. As Head of Engineering at Engineers Without Borders UK she is responsible for driving forward their mission; leading their work to embed globally responsible engineering into curriculum and throughout day to day practice.

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