Podcast: Episode #7 - Engineering innovation anytime, anywhere

30th April 2020
Joe Bush

MSC Software Corporation (MSC), a global leader in Computer-Aided Engineering (CAE) simulation software and services and part of Hexagon's Manufacturing Intelligence division, has announced that it will provide its customers with free offline licensing and remote access options to help engineering innovation and enable engineers to remain productive while working from home as COVID-19 closes customers offices globally.

In the past, remote working has posed a challenge for the manufacturing industry, with many of its tools and processes being rooted in old-fashioned workflows. The COVID-19 mitigation measures, which have led to vast swaths of the engineering workforce forced out of the factories and offices, have driven the need for a more flexible, distributed mode of operations.

Computer-Aided Engineering and simulation tools can support this evolution, and MSC’s customer-centric move to flip their licensing model to allow for use in the home is proof in point.

Roger Assaker, Chief Customer Engagement Officer of MSC Software, said: “We are adapting to the needs of our customers, and are also adding a helping hand to support their business continuity so they can continue to design, engineer and perform virtual testing outside their place of work. We are facilitating the access to our software, knowledge base and support to enable the creation of even more value with our tools, helping companies to maintain productivity and innovation when many manufacturing lines are down.

“We have seen a dramatic increase in the demand for e-learning programmes and remote software licensing since launching this initiative – nearly 500 users in the past month – which has been accompanied by extremely positive feedback. This not only shows that this measure is needed now, but also suggests that the appetite for more flexible use of CAE software could be sustained after the COVID-19 pandemic has passed.”

“We appreciate that these are very challenging times for many of our customers, and we can guarantee that we will be supporting them to the best of our ability, every step of the way.”

In this podcast we speak to MSC's Industry Director for Electronics, Keith Perrin to find out more. Click the image below to listen or search for us on your favourite streaming service with 'Electronic Specifier Insights'

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