Podcast: Episode #5 - Tech fights back against COVID-19

2nd April 2020
Joe Bush

The latest podcast from Electronic Specifier Insights looks at how the electronics industry is using the latest technology to fight back against COVID-19. Click the link below to listen.

In this period of uncertainty and even fear, it’s perhaps easy to get caught up in the myriad of negative headlines, and worst-case scenario outlooks. And not without good reason. Humanity is facing its greatest peace time crisis in several centuries. And when it’s all over, society as we know it is unlikely to ever be the quite the same, with a clear dividing timeline between BC (Before COVID-19), and AC (After COVID-19).

However, always keen to look on the bright side of life here at Electronic Specifier, it’s here that technology is picking up the gauntlet. In the early responses to the outbreak in China, the country quickly leveraged the expertise of its strong technology, AI, and data sciences sectors, while its tech companies accelerated their healthcare initiatives. 

We should not forget that it’s not all doom and gloom and there are still some good news stories that need to be told. We all know that adversity breads innovation and technology is at the vanguard of the battle against COVID-19, whether it be using AI to help diagnose the virus, to deploying drones to deliver medical supplies, and this podcast aims to champion just some of those goodwill missions.

Just this week Anglia Components has announced the formation of a COVID task force to coordinate and allocate available inventory and FAE resources to support customers designing or manufacturing ventilators and other vital medical equipment.

Anglia CEO Steve Rawlins stressed that the company is doing everything they can to get the design and production of essential medical equipment ramped up as quickly as possible, giving NHS staff the tools that they need to save lives. In addition, Rawlins added that in order to make sure these enquiries receive high priority, the task force can direct Anglia’s FAE technical support and reserve any available inventory for these projects before an order is received – something the company would never do under normal circumstances.

Listen to the full podcast below or search 'Electronic Specifier Insights' on your favourite audio streaming services.

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