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Vishay Intertechnology at electronica 2016

12th September 2016
Daisy Stapley-Bunten


At electronica 2016, Vishay Intertechnology will be highlighting its latest industry-leading passive component, power MOSFET, IC, diode and optoelectronics technologies for a wide range of applications.


vPolyTan multi-anode solid tantalum chip capacitors increase volumetric efficiency to lower component counts
Combining polymer tantalum technology with Vishay's patented Multi-Array Packaging (MAP), the T59 series offers up to 25% better volumetric efficiency than similar devices, which allows for the industry's highest capacitance density. For example, their capacitance of 150µF at 30V in the molded EE (7343-43) case code is three times higher than that of the closest competing device. The capacitors' advanced packaging also ensures ultra-low ESR from 25 to 150mΩ.

Lead time reduced for IHLD-3232HB-5A and IHLD-4032KB-5A dual inductors to 10-12 weeks
Optimised for automotive and commercial class D amplifier circuits, the Vishay Dale IHLD-3232HB-5A and IHLD-4032KB-5A offer a high operating temperature range to +155°C and save board space by combining two inductors in one 3232 and 4032 package, respectively, while delivering improved performance over using multiple discrete devices. The inductors offer excellent inductance stability over temperature and DC current, providing high-quality sound and low harmonic distortion due to linear saturation performance.

RGB LEDs provide independent control of red, green, and blue chips for wide colour range
Featuring separate red, green, and blue LED chips inside the compact 3.5x2.8x1.45mm PLCC-6 surface-mount package, the Vishay Semiconductors VLMRGB6112. LEDs enable individual control of each chip. For interior automotive lighting, RGB displays and backlighting, this makes it possible to realise every colour within the colour room defined by the gamut triangle area inside the CIE 1931 colour space through colour mixing.

600 V E series power MOSFET increases efficiency in telecom, industrial, and enterprise applications
The first of Vishay Siliconix' 4th gen 600 V E Series power MOSFETs, the SiHP065N60E slashes on-resistance by 27% compared with previous devices and delivers 60% lower gate charge. This represents the industry's lowest gate charge times on-resistance Figure Of Merit (FOM) for superjunction MOSFETs in this class, and it allows the SiHP065N60E to increase efficiency in power factor correction and hard-switched AC/AC converter topologies by lowering conduction losses.

Space-saving 60A VRPower smart power stages with integrated current and temperature monitors increase accuracy while simplifying designs
Optimised for real time processor and memory power consumption monitoring in high-performance telecom equipment and data centre servers, the Vishay Siliconix SiC645 and SiC645A utilise low-side MOSFET RDS(ON) sensing to accurately report current (IMON) and temperature (TMON) using 5 and 8mV/C signals, respectively. This method of sensing delivers higher accuracy than standard DrMOS products, and it is internally temperature-compensated to eliminate the need for external circuitry.

Bi-Directional 1500W PAR TVS offer high power density to save board space and lower costs
Offered in the eSMP SMPC (TO-277A) package with a low height of 1.1mm, Vishay General Semiconductor TPCxxCA series devices offer a 52% lower profile than TVS in the traditional SMC package while providing a 38% smaller footprint to reduce total volume by 70%. For high-temperature stability in high-reliability conditions, the devices' patented PAR construction allows for a temperature range of -65 to +185 °C.

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