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Ultra-high density reed relays to showcase at electronica

23rd September 2016
Lanna Cooper

The Pickering Series 115, 116 and 117 are three ranges of small Single Pole (1 Form A) reed relays ideal for the construction of high density matrices or multiplexers. These three ranges have identical pin configurations allowing a common PCB for all types but allowing the designer a range of switch ratings according to which part is fitted.

The reed switches are vertical within the package which permits a common footprint with a board area of only 3.8x6.6mm. Only the profile height changes with the increasing power or current ratings.

The Series 117 has a height of 9.5mm and is rated at 0.5A switching at 5W. The Series 116 has a height of 12.5mm and is rated at 0.5A switching at 10W. The Series 115 has a height of 15.5mm and is rated up to an impressive 1.0A switching at 20W. Double pole (2 Form A) versions are also available in the Series 116 and 117.

One benefit of the very small size of these relays is that it often makes it possible to increase the functionality of existing designs without increasing the size of the printed circuit boards.

All feature instrumentation grade Reed switches with sputtered ruthenium contacts, making them a suitable choice for low level or ‘cold’ switching applications.

They have the option of an internal diode across the coil connections for Back EMF suppression and feature Pickering SoftCenter construction as well as an internal mu-metal magnetic screen. Mu-metal has the advantage of a high permeability and low magnetic remanence and eliminates problems that would otherwise occur due to magnetic interaction. Relays of this size without magnetic screening would be totally unsuitable for applications where dense packing is required.

To learn more visit Pickering on booth B1.550 at electronica this November.

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