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Socionext to exhibit at ELIV

15th September 2015
Jordan Mulcare

Socionext Europe (SNEU) and Socionext Embedded Software Austria (SESA) will be showing their latest advanced automotive graphics solutions at The Congress Electronics in Vehicles (ELIV) in Baden-Baden on Booth 31. SNEU will be demonstrating what modern low cost system architecture will look like with their ‘All-in-One’ system concept, which includes a number of products from their graphics portfolio.

It combines a free programmable instrument cluster, a head-up display and a touch information system all driven by one-mid-range dual core processor. The three distributed displays, using APIXtechnology, work independently to transmit the graphics information. This concept meets with the demands of the younger generation to connect with the vehicle using their smart phones. As with the MirrorLink integration the system benefits from the computing capacity of the smart device by transforming it into an automotive application platform. Apps are hosted and run on the smart phone while drivers and passengers can interact with them through the car’s infotainment system.

Information relevant to the driver is captured and can be accessed even if the phone is not connected. So, with the minimised architecture the costs are significantly reduced. Another demonstration at the Show will be the HD62 SoC. This is a low-power device (less than 2W) based on a quad-core Cortex-A5 CPU, supporting MPEG-2, MPEG-4, H.264, H.265(HEVC), AVS, VP8 SD/HD decoding, H.264 encoding, dual screen output (2xDRGB), 3D engine (OpenGL ES2.0) and MediaLB.

It is suitable for multimedia applications such as in-car TV-reception units, infotainment/entertainment systems (AEC-Q100 qualified) and generic STB systems SESA will be showing their CGI Studio, a software development platform for the creation of hybrid 2D and 3D automotive graphical interfaces (HMI/GUI). The CGI Studio is used for in-vehicle infotainment and cluster-based dashboard systems throughout the automotive industry. The latest CGI Studio Tool chain now supports OpenGL ES 3.0, enabling cutting-edge in-vehicle HMI applications.

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