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productronica: T&M solutions cover 5G, IoT

17th October 2017
Mick Elliott

At this year’s productronica, Rohde & Schwarz is focusing on innovative T&M solutions for next generation wireless communications technologies, including the Internet of Things (IoT), fifth generation mobile radio (5G), as well as automotive radar and infotainment systems.

Under the slogan “Your quality in safe hands,” the company will showcase new measuring instruments and test systems for development, production and troubleshooting. The Rohde & Schwarz Memmingen and Teisnach plants are additionally presenting their production and development services.

For fifth generation mobile radio (5G), Rohde & Schwarz is regarded as a leading provider of test solutions in the field of R&D and standardisation.

At productronica, developers active in 5G or general broadband communications will be able to see a test solution consisting of the R&S SMW200A vector signal generator and the R&S FSW43 signal and spectrum analyser.

This test setup supports Verizon 5GTF signals and numerous 5G candidate waveforms in the frequency range up to 40GHz.

The R&S FSW-B2001 integrated hardware option extends the internal analysis bandwidth of the R&S FSW43 to 2 GHz. With this option the signal and spectrum analyzer offers a 14 bit ADC resolution and a wide dynamic range.

For machine-to-machine communications (M2M) and the Internet of Things (IoT), narrowband IoT standards are currently being developed for a variety of application scenarios.

Developers and manufacturers of corresponding chipsets, radio modules and devices with IoT connectivity need test solutions that enable them to check the quality and performance capability of components.

The R&S CMW290 functional radio communication tester from Rohde & Schwarz is an ideal and economical solution for measuring thetransmitter and receiver characteristics of an NB IoT module or chipset.

The stand also features a demo of how developers can use an R&S CMW290 in combination with the R&S CMWrun sequencer software and the R&S RT-ZVC02/04 multichannel power probe to measure the battery life of IoT modules, which is a key operating parameter.

Oscilloscopes to meet any requirement when it comes to the development of associated embedded designs, analysis of integrated power electronics or troubleshooting will also be on patrade.

The compact lab oscilloscopes of the R&S RTO2000 and R&S RTE families, with their unique multi-domain attributes in combination with specific probes, are ideal development tools for power integrity measurements of embedded designs and other tasks. T

he R&S RTO family covers bandwidths up to 6GHz, the R&S RTE family up to 2GHz. Thanks to a recent model upgrade, the R&S RTE is now available as standard with an integrated HD mode (16 bit resolution) and an integrated SSD memory card. Measurements on power electronics, for example fast GaN transistors, are an important field of application for the R&S Scope Rider handheld digital oscilloscope.

Its isolated inputs eliminate the need for costly differential probes, and it offers bandwidths up to 500MHz. The entry-level R&S RTB2000 is suitable for general lab measurements and for educational applications up to 300MHz.

Radio modules are used in a wide variety of devices, including IoT interfaces, mobile devices, consumer electronics, and vehicle infotainment systems. For this, Rohde & Schwarz will showcase production tests on WLAN and Bluetooth modules using the R&S CMW100 multi-device communications manufacturing test set.

Up to a bandwidth of 160MHz, the demo presents typical nonsignaling production measurements for the latest WLAN IEEE 802.11ac/ax standards and for Bluetooth®, Release 5.

This solution enables manufacturers of radio modules and mobile devices to test several WLAN and Bluetooth modules in parallel thanks to the "smart channel" concept and the R&S CMWrun sequencer software.

Test data from the development environment can easily be transferred to production tests.

Rohde & Schwarz offers a comprehensive product portfolio for testing RF and microwave components. A new product in the high-end range is the analog R&S SMA100B RF and microwave signal generator for component characterisation.

This signal generator offers uncompromising maximum performance: it generates signals with very low phase noise and the highest output power with extremely low harmonics. Combined with the high-end R&S FSWP26 phase noise analyzer and VCO tester, it gives users a unique, high-precision solution for wideband phase noise measurement.

The new compact test equipment family consisting of the

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