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Preview for Pickering Interfaces for the International Microwave Symposium – Phoenix, AZ

23rd April 2015
Jacqueline Regnier

Pickering Interfaces will showcase their broad catalog of Ethernet LXI and PXI RF & Microwave switching solutions at the IEEE MTT-S 2015 International Microwave Symposium (IMS) at booth #2814 on May 19 - 21, 2015.

Pickering’s RF & Microwave Switching solutions range from low-level DC signals to RF and Microwave. These switching solutions can be used to increase the flexibility of Test and Measurement systems with signal bandwidths up to 65GHz. Configurations available within their PXI and LXI platforms include multiplexers, matrices, transfers and general-purpose switches.

These RF & Microwave switching solutions include:

PXI Microwave Multiplexers (40-785B) – these are designed for switching 50Ω signals up to 40GHz. They are available as a single or dual 6-channel multiplexer with relays mounted on the front panel. The single slot version can support up to three supplied remotely mounted multiplexers.

PXI Microwave Multiplexers (40-784A) – these support 4-way or 6-way multiplexers in single, dual or triple formats. They are characterized for 6GHz, 18GHz, 26.5GHz, or 40GHz and have excellent performance throughout their frequency range. All models occupy just two 3U PXI slots.

PXI Microwave SPDT Relays (40-780A) – these support from 1 to 4 SPDT relays and are available in a variety of different frequency options for 50 Ω, from 12.4GHz to 65GHz - a 75Ω 2.4GHz version is also available.

PXI Microwave Transfer Switch (40-782A) – these support either one or two transfer switches with frequency options of 18GHz, 26.5GHz and 40GHz.

PXI Terminated SPDT Microwave Relay Module (40-781) – these are terminated SPDT switching modules with 18GHz frequency range offering one or two relays and the option of using internal or external terminations. The external termination versions allow users to attach external high power loads to increase the carry power of the relay.

All of these new and improved microwave switch modules include visual indicators of the relay setting thru the use of blue LEDs that indicate when a normally open path has been closed. These indicators are provided as an aid to help the user with visual checking of routing during system debug phase of test system development.

LXI Microwave Matrix (60-750/751) – The 60-750/751 are LXI Microwave Switching platforms controlled through an LXI compliant Ethernet connection. These matrices are available in a variety of configurations and frequencies up to 20GHz (60-751) and are supplied in a 2U full rack width enclosure, providing a compact solution that is easily mounted in a rack for ATE systems or for use on a bench.

Also highlighted in the booth will be their new eBIRST Switching System Test Tools. These tools, designed specifically for Pickering’s PXI, PCI or LXI (Ethernet) products, simplify switching system faultfinding by quickly testing the system and graphically identifying the faulty relays.

Pickering will also be showing a range of LXI and PXI switching, PXI chassis and PXI battery simulators.

Pickering Interfaces stands behind all of their manufactured products with a standard three-year warranty and guaranteed long-term product support.

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