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Power rail probes get premiere at embedded world

7th January 2019
Mick Elliott

Power rail probes will make their debut on the Tektronix exhibit at the embedded world exhibition in Nuremberg (February 26-28). The TPR1000 and TPR4000 boast 1mv accuracy. Designed specifically for minimising noise on power rail measurement, the power rail probes enable clean, ultra-low noise measurement insight, with up to 60V offset.

Combined with a 5 Series MSO or the Tektronix 6 Series MSO oscilloscope, a more accurate picture of ripple measurements is possible.

The Tektronix stand at the show will feature four workstations, including demonstrations on Embedded Design, Power Electronics, Automotive Solutions and Education & Research.

With a low-noise, in-house designed ASIC at its heart, the Tektronix 6 Series MSO mixed signal oscilloscope pushes the performance threshold of mid-range oscilloscopes to 8GHz and delivers a 25GS/s sample rate simultaneously on all 4 channels, allowing engineers working on faster, more complex embedded systems designs to accurately view up to four high-speed signals at one time.

Automotive-specific software solutions for the 5 Series MSO mixed signal oscilloscope will be unveiled at embedded world. These are designed to speed up validation and debug and shorten design cycles for the complex electronics systems found in next-generation vehicles. These new automotive solutions take full advantage of key 5 Series MSO innovations including up to 8 channels, 12-bit resolution and its massive high-definition capacitive touch display and highly intuitive user interface.

Now in a completely new design, the AFG31000 features many key firsts including what is claimed to be the industry’s largest touchscreen and new user interface for engineers and researchers who need to generate increasingly complex test cases for debugging, troubleshooting, characterising and validating devices under test.

Also on parade are the DMM6500 6½-digit Bench/System Digital Multimeter and DAQ6510 Data Acquisition and Logging Multimeter System.

These instruments combine the simplicity of a "pinch and zoom" touchscreen interface for easy and faster test setup and at-a-glance monitoring and display with the power of 15 different measurement functions, wide measurement ranges, multichannel measurements, and class-leading accuracy and sensitivity.

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