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PCIM to host combined expertise of Infineon & IR

11th May 2015
Barney Scott

PCIM 2015 will pay host, for the first time in Europe, to the combined power portfolio of Infineon and International Rectifier, in hall 9, booth 412, from 19th to 21st May 2015. The result of Infineon's strategic approach, outlined as “from product thinking to system understanding,” the company's range of products includes MOSFETs, IGBTs, GaN devices and speciality materials.

Ongoing advances in superjunction MOSFET technology are critical for meeting the efficiency, size and cost demands of modern hard- and soft-switching power conversion circuits. The significant efficiency improvements offered by the CoolMOS C7 600V technology deliver dramatic improvements in power density and offer a stepping stone to ‘GaN-like’ low switching losses. The MOSFET family is the industry’s first to break the 1Ω per mm2 RDS(ON) x A limit.

Meeting the ever increasing demands of rugged applications, Infineon’s answer for high-power IGBT modules is designed to cover the full-voltage range of IGBT chips from 3.3 to 6.5 kV. The high-power platform features scalability to greatly simplify system design and manufacturing. Additionally, due to its robust architecture, this packaging technology provides long-term reliability. With the opening of PCIM, the product name of the platform will be revealed in the booth display.

Featuring a new dimension in smart protection, the intelligent power module MIPAQ Pro is a qualified and tested IPM integrating IGBTs, gate drivers, a heat sink, sensors, digital control electronics as well as digital bus communication. It comes in a half-bridge configuration with blocking voltages of 1200 and 1700V. Nominal current ratings of up to 2400A are supported. All key operating parameters are monitored closely and warning signals are issued.

Higher power densities in power electronics are posing greater challenges for the thermal interface between the power module and heat sink. Infineon’s Thermal Interface Material (TIM) not only provides the lowest thermal resistance, it also fulfills the highest quality standards for power modules to achieve the longest lifetime and highest system reliability. TIM is pre-applied and now available for a great variety of Infineon modules as well as for upcoming future designs.

The IGBT5 and .XT mark a new era in IGBT chip and interconnection technologies. Both can be found in the PrimePACK to enhance lifetime by a factor 10 or increase power density by 25%. The latest chip generation IGBT5 allows for a 25K higher maximum operation junction temperature (T vjop=175°C). The .XT technology has been achieved by sintering IGBT chips and diodes along with improved system soldering and replacing aluminium bonds with copper bonds.

By employing a novel power chips cooling approach, a power module for EVs and HEVs has made a significant step in power density and enables high inverter efficiencies, according to the company.

Infineon will present its portfolio in hall 9, booth 412.

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