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Inzpire to sign MOU with Jordanian Golden Eagle Aviation Academy

12th September 2017
Lanna Deamer

Inzpire is using DSEI 2017 to announce its new partnership with the Golden Eagle Aviation Academy (GEAA) in Jordan, which will see Inzpire provide UK military trained expertise to the newly formed academy.

The two companies will sign a Memorandum Of Understanding (MOU) at a media briefing on Inzpire’s stand S9-244 on 13th September at 15:00.

Established in collaboration with the Royal Jordanian Air Force (RJAF), the GEAA is a commercial venture, which will provide military-standard helicopter flight training programmes for both military and civilian pilots. Inzpire will work with the GEAA to create an innovative flying school in Jordan, providing expert training for pilots from the region and further afield.

The Golden Eagle Aviation Academy will use a combination of instructors from Jordan and the UK. This approach will allow for optimising the output through a blend of experience from ex-UK military CFS trained instructors and former RJAF instructors who have a deep knowledge of training in the region. Inzpire will employ experienced ex-military pilots from the UK Royal Air Force, the UK Royal Navy and the British Army, to train pilots at the Academy. 

This collaboration will allow for a capability in the region; the Academy will be able to provide the widest range of training from basic pilot training through to advanced operational and tactical training. This will be enabled through a combination of live flying and synthetic training.

Inzpire will provide simulator training to the Academy with its new product, the Targeted Fidelity Simulator (TFS) which will enable individual, team and collective training. At approximately five to ten percent the cost of a Full Motion Simulator, Inzpire’s TFS provides a cost-effective, fully-customisable, fully immersive system that can be configured to meet the exact training requirements of the customer, thereby reducing the cost of training while improving the operational effectiveness and safety of air and aviation forces. This means that the GEAA will be able to easily customise training for pilots depending on their specific aircraft type, and the level of training required, from Basic through to Operational training. Inzpire has a long history of advanced training in synthetics through its delivery of training to the UK MOD.

The collective expertise of the Inzpire team spans over 200,000 flying hours and 1,600 years of military experience. The team’s experience has enabled them to successfully provide training and subject matter expertise across both UK armed forces programmes and for overseas air forces.

Inzpire has already built a strong relationship with the RJAF through delivery of its GECO Air mission system, and continues to work with the Air Force to understand ongoing requirements and developments. Hugh Griffiths, Chief Executive of Inzpire, said: “Inzpire is proud to partner with Golden Eagle Aviation Academy to deliver high quality aviation training in Jordan and the wider region. This partnership builds on a long history of productive collaboration between Inzpire and Jordan.”

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