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Disruptive approach to cyber security testing at MWC

23rd February 2017
Anna Flockett

Unveiling a new, disruptive approach to product cyber security testing, Bureau Veritas are working in partnership with CEA-Leti at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain. The company will also launch its new suite of Smart Wear testing solutions for products including Trackers, VR Headsets and Smart Clothing in cooperation with 7layers.

Additionally, Bureau Veritas and 7layers will host a series of industry insight briefings covering topics such as Smart Homes, Transportation and Cities, at the event which takes place from 27th February – 2nd March on stand #1F50 in Hall 1.

Cyber Security – Security attack on more than half of global connected devices by 2020
Philippe Sissoko, Technical Director at Bureau Veritas’ LCIE commented: “Cyber-attacks are about to become more aggressive and complex, especially within the Internet of Things market area.

“It is estimated that by 2020, around 50 billion connected objects will be launched into markets, and more than one out of two devices will have an Internet of Things security attack.

“CEA and Bureau Veritas have enjoyed a successful partnership in delivering innovative solutions to the TIC marketplace for many years. Most recently we have been working to automate product cyber security testing, currently a manual process often taking many weeks, and sometimes months.

“We firmly believe our solution will disrupt the cyber security testing marketplace. Not only are we reducing the testing time to a matter of days, we are also improving the security protection thanks to the focus on the safety critical wireless/wired interfaces, our digitalisation approach and the massive reference database of cyber-attacks that CEA maintain and update on an ongoing basis.”

Co-presenting will be Bureau Veritas’ research partners, CEA-Leti, who will introduce and demonstrate the automated testing of a product’s physical interface security features (not only the software) thanks to its innovative scanning and fuzzing techniques.

Bureau Veritas claim the time taken to scan and identify threats and weaknesses will be significantly reduced, speeding up time to market for the latest Internet of Things devices. The level of protection will also be enhanced thanks to the digitalisation of simulated attacks.

Interested Mobile World Congress visitors can join the presentations, part of Bureau Veritas’ Industry Insight Series, with attendees benefitting from a copy of CEA Tech’s white paper, ‘Automated and Remote Security Fuzz Testing Tool for IoT Devices.’

Additionally, visitors to the session held on Wednesday 1st March will have the chance to discuss their own product cyber security challenges with Bureau Veritas and CEA specialists.

Smart Wear – Launch of testing solutions for trackers, VR headsets and smart clothing
In partnership with 7layers, Bureau Veritas have announced they will launch new Smart Wear testing solutions for products including Trackers, VR Headsets and Smart Clothing at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.

Co-presenting will be one of Bureau Veritas strategic partners, TexRay’s AIQ Smart Clothing, who will showcase their BioMan range of products that successfully completed the Smart Wear programme from Bureau Veritas. The companies are offering a select number of interested Mobile World Congress visitors the chance to join the product launch in Barcelona.

Elizabeth Hausler, VP of Global Technical Services at Bureau Veritas Consumer Products Services and Technical Lead for the Smart Wear Solutions Program commented: “As two mature industries converge, there are many challenges facing manufacturers of smart wear products. There is a need for industry standards, the need to address consumer concerns and the real issue of understanding the regulatory framework for this new category of product.

“Our unique position in having global capabilities covering traditional physical and chemical testing as well as connectivity testing meant we were able to address these challenges. We first carried out a comprehensive consumer panel evaluation to identify the real concerns of users.

“We then adapted existing well-known standards covering both physical, chemical as well connectivity requirements. Moving forward, we will also continue to leverage our leading industry position including our chair position within standards bodies such as the ASTM Committee on Smart Textiles (D13.50) and AATCC’s research committee on Electronically Integrated Textiles (RA111).”

Industry Insight Series – Daily executive briefings covering smart testing, wear, homes, transportation and cities
Bureau Veritas and 7layers will host a series of industry insight briefings at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. Under the motto - smart me, smart home, smart city - Bureau Veritas will present their comprehensive portfolio, covering virtually all aspects that have to be tried and tested to make the Internet of Things become a working reality. Specialists from the US, Europe and Asia will address today’s and tomorrow’s challenges over the four days.

Whether it be understanding and overcoming interoperability challenges with smart home products, understanding how to apply for connected car certification in the US, how to secure your product with fast and effective cyber security testing, key steps to consider when developing products for smart cities, how to address the real concerns of consumers with smart wear products or how to increase quality and efficiency in a wireless test laboratory, Bureau Veritas will be on hand to address concerns.

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