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Colour sensor centre stage at SENSOR + TEST

30th March 2016
Mick Elliott

The latest light regulation products from MAZeT will feature at this year’s SENSOR + TEST in Nuremberg (May 10-12). The highlight is the new MTCS-CDCAF colour sensor: The first fully integrated sensor chip in the JENCOLOR product line includes a true-colour filter function, integrated signal amplification based on charge-to-digital conversion, and an on-chip temperature sensor.

The sensor combines the functions of the JENCOLOR MTCSiCF detector and the MCDC04 digital signal converter in a minimised form and has been adapted to the specific requirements of lighting applications.

The applications are diverse. In addition to LED lights, the sensor can also be used in LED backlight systems for monitors, in all areas of architectural lighting, in vehicles and aircraft, and in medical and technical lighting and displays. MAZeT will soon be offering accessory boards to complement the MTCS-CDCAF colour sensor.

The sensor measures the colour coordinates of light as XYZ signals in the CIE 1931 colour space directly, rapidly, precisely, and regardless of temperature or other interference factors.

Unlike conventional absorption filters, the sensor operates using interference filters that allow it to function reliably at temperatures of over 100°C and maintain its sensitivity through its entire lifecycle. In addition to colour temperature and chromaticity, the sensor measures brightness and other light-related parameters such as colour brightness, frequency, and flicker.

The MTCS-CDCAF is available in a QFN16 package and is also suitable for direct installation in lights. Compared to conventional RGB colour sensors, the MTCS-CDCAF’s unique properties make it ideal for use in lighting applications; these properties include its extended temperature range, its filters based on the tri-stimulus value function (CIE 1931), and the expanded parameters of the on-chip ADC.

It is suited to measuring and regulating LEDs to compensate for interference factors that would result in colour deviations in the LED light. The sensor guarantees defined, consistent LED light.


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