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Autotalks is selected for Mass Market V2X System

28th September 2016
Enaie Azambuja

Autotalks’ next gen V2X device was selected by DENSO, a top global auto parts supplier and a V2X ECU pioneer. Autotalks' chipset will be at the center of DENSO's global V2X platform for car-makers mass market projects. Prototyping phase has already started towards an unprecedented high-volume SOP (Start Of Production) in 2019, targeting North America market.

V2X Communication connects V2V, V2I, V2M and V2P within wireless range for safety and mobility applications. It adds a new layer of confidence and certainty for drivers as it helps prevent car accidents.

It complements the information of other sensors, especially in situations of non-line-of-sight, rough weather or poor lighting conditions. The pivotal mass-deployment of V2X demonstrates the importance of the technology and the belief that it will achieve a dramatic improvement in road safety.

Autotalks' next generation devices embed a mobility optimised modem, support dual-antenna with optimal and flexible RX/TX diversity, perform line-rate message ECDSA verification of the entire link capacity and embed an ultra-low-latency V2X HSM.

In addition, Autotalks' next generation was designed for cryptoagility and scalability, and is capable of operating at a high temperature range. All these advantages combined, coupled with a rigorous benchmark, crowned Autotalks' next generation as optimal for DENSO’s global mass market V2X platform.

Mr. Hagai Zyss, Autotalks’ CEO, explained: "Autotalks is proud to cooperate with DENSO on a truly secure mass market optimised V2X system." Mr. Zyss continued: "This cooperation not only validates Autotalks’ technology superiority, but also shows Autotalks’ capability to satisfy DENSO's quality policies and support demands for high-scale mass market projects."

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