Wide-ranging ISDB-TB product portfolio from Rohde & Schwarz addresses Latin American broadcast market

14th May 2010
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Transmitter and T&M solutions from Rohde & Schwarz support the ISDB-TB digital TV standard, which has been adopted by several Latin American countries. Using Rohde & Schwarz transmitters, network operators can cost-efficiently set up and expand their infrastructure. The R&S ETL TV analyzer, for example, is ideal for all required measurements on TV transmitters or cable headends. Manufacturers of broadcasting equipment can rely on the R&S SFU, R&S SFE and R&S SFE100 broadcast signal generators to develop and produce the highest quality ISDB-TB TV receivers.
The ISDB-TB standard makes it possible to transmit stationary and mobile TV and radio. Rohde & Schwarz offers a comprehensive transmitter portfolio for setting up ISDB-TB networks. Products include the R&S NV8600 and R&S NW8500 high-power transmitters as well as the R&S NV8300 and R&S NW8200 medium-power transmitters, which cover the UHF and VHF bands, respectively. Rohde & Schwarz has designed the transmitter systems to be highly efficient. For example, the R&S NV8600 UHF high-power transmitter achieves an energy efficiency of up to 23 percent, which considerably reduces the operating costs of a transmitter site. All transmitter and cooling systems feature a compact design and small footprint, eliminating additional infrastructure costs.

In summer 2010, Rohde & Schwarz will release an enhanced version of the R&S SCx8000 low- to medium-power transmitter that includes ISDB-TB capabilities. The R&S SCx8000 is currently the most compact and efficient transmitter in its power class. At only seven height units in the UHF band, it achieves an output power of 600 W in the coded orthogonal frequency division multiplex (COFDM) modulation mode. In the VHF band, 600 W is attained with only four height units. The compact design of the transmitter is the result of integrated cooling, an integrated splitter and coupler solution as well as new, space-saving redundancy concepts for the exciter and amplifier. The transmitter can be switched from analog to digital TV at any time, providing high safety of investment. In addition, its compactness and efficiency help to reduce operating costs significantly.

Minor coverage gaps can be closed with the R&S XLx8000 transposer platform. These transposers offer output powers from 2 W to 100 W. A space-saving design attained through the use of LSI components in the repeater benefits primarily small transmitter sites. Expanding the site can often be avoided when the network is extended. Another advantage is the transposers’ low weight, allowing them to be transported to remote transmitter sites that are often difficult to access. Equipped with the efficient enhanced echo cancellation option, the R&S XLx8000 operates as an on-channel-repeater in single-frequency networks (SFNs).

For the T&M world, the R&S ETL TV analyzer has been enhanced for ISDB-TB. This multistandard-capable, all-in-one solution for transmitter operators, transmitter manufacturers and regulatory authorities combines the functions of a TV, spectrum and MPEG analyzer with those of a power meter. The R&S ETL enables users to perform all required measurements on TV transmitters or cable headends. It provides SFN measurements for commissioning and optimizing SFNs. In addition, the R&S ETL is the ideal solution for quality assurance in the production of TV transmitters or modulators.

All requirements in the development, servicing, quality assurance and production of ISDB-TB TV receivers are covered by the R&S SFU, R&S SFE and R&S SFE100 broadcast signal generators. The product family is cross-compatible, and because the instruments complement each other they provide a range of versatile solutions. For the development of user equipment, Rohde & Schwarz offers the R&S SFU high-end generator. The R&S SFE mid-range generator is suitable for general-purpose lab applications as well as for technical service and quality assurance. Like the R&S SFU, it combines an RF modulator, an universal realtime coder and baseband signal sources. This enables the R&S SFE to generate broadcast signals in the frequency range of 100 kHz to 2.7 GHz in realtime. In the manufacturing of broadcasting user equipment, the R&S SFE100 is used as a test transmitter. Offering an attractive price/performance ratio, it combines an RF signal generator, a power amplifier and a baseband generator in one box.

In July 2010, Rohde & Schwarz will conduct a seminar tour in Latin America on the subject of ISDB-TB. Network operators will have the opportunity to learn how they can easily switch from analog to the new DTV standard. Interested parties can sign up for the seminar at the company booth during NAB.

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