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14th July 2017
Joe Bush

Motorists are being warned to prepare for extra busy road conditions this summer as a combination of record-breaking traffic levels, the Brexit effect increasing bookings for staycations and major upgrades to the rail network look set to create additional congestion on the roads.

Routes to the south coast served by Waterloo, the UK’s busiest train station could see a particular increase in traffic levels as the station will close nine of its platforms for almost the whole of August. Along with snacks, games and other diversions, upgrading the car to make it connected at the cost of £7.99 a month could save motorists time, money and stress.

Described as a ‘genius idea’ by motoring expert and TV presenter Mike Brewer, Smartdriverclub is the UK’s first connected car service for cars registered after 2003. Motorists simply plug in a small matchbox sized device in the OBD port of their car to get connected with services such as a crash assistance to speed help from emergency services in an accident, warnings of emerging mechanical problems so that they can be fixed before they become major issues, fuel monitoring and theft tracking. All the services are managed by a smartphone app which also includes a handy

‘Where’s My Car?’ option when the owner’s forgotten where they parked.

As a further cost saving benefit, motorists have the option to take car insurance from Smart Driver Club insurance with cover for child seats, personal belongings and personal injury and the promise of a discount of up to 40% at renewal if they are a good driver.

Mike Brewer said: “Smartdriverclub gives families a bit more control over their motoring costs and all important peace of mind when out on the road. I would really encourage motorists to get the tech and get connected before they head off on holiday this summer.”

Penny Searles, CEO of Smartdriverclub added: “It’s really simple and cost effective to get connectivity in your car – even if it’s over ten years old and seen better days. Connectivity means we can see if there’s been an accident, so that we can try to reach the customer and get help to them – particularly if we can see they are on a quiet country road late at night or early in the morning.

“Connectivity also takes the guesswork out of mechanical issues that may cause a breakdown, giving the motorist adequate warning and suggestions for local mechanics to get the problem fixed – really useful if you are away from home. Plus, driving on unfamiliar roads, motorists may not be aware of changing road speed limits – the trip information we provide can show where they maybe exceeding the limit. In essence, connectivity from Smartdriverclub helps protect motorists’ safety and their pockets so the whole family can benefit from driving smart this summer.”

Smartdriverclub comprises the following services in one package:
My Mechanic - This will alert a motorist if a car problem crops up, suggest what they can do about it and find a local dealer they can talk to. This includes TAX and MOT reminders.

Crash Assistance - If the customer is in a collision and Smartdriverclub can’t reach the customer on their mobile phone, they will contact the emergency services and direct them to the location.

Stolen Car - An in-car tracker activated by the customer means that if it’s stolen, the police should know exactly where to look.

My Driving - Motorists can save money on fuel costs by seeing how efficiently their car performs on each journey with a smart driving history that helps them manage fuel use.

My Deals - Customers can save money on everything from servicing to new tyres. Just tap through the app for the latest deal from their dealership.

Value My Car - Smartdriverclub provides a valuation of the customer’s car that’s actually based on their car so that they can use this instant price for better deals and finance.

Where Did I Park? - A handy little map is provided to those that have forgotten where they parked.

Business Miles – Business drivers can accurately record their business vs personal miles and download the information directly into their expense forms, confident that it is validated information for mileage claims.

Club Insurance – Preferential rates for good drivers based on their driving behaviour, to ensure customers are not paying for the poor behaviour of others.

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