Semtech and Rakon to Develop IEEE 1588 V2 Timing Solutions for High-Speed Wireless, Wired Networks

25th April 2007
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Semtech has announced it will work with prominent frequency control products vendor Rakon Limited (Auckland, New Zealand, NZX:RAK) to develop IEEE 1588 Version 2 (V2)-based timing solutions. Employing Semtech’s advanced timing platform and Rakon’s oscillator technology, these solutions will deliver consistent, cost-effective, timing synchronization for next-generation packet switched network equipment.
IEEE 1588 V2 is the latest iteration of a worldwide timing standard that allows networked equipment to synchronize their clocks to a network's master clock for more precise control in industrial, wireless and real-time applications. The Version 2 standard, which is expected to be published in mid-2007, provides improved support for large, redundant networks and high-performance applications.

Semtech has been undergoing rigorous testing of its advanced timing platform for more than two years using Rakon’s OCXO and TCXO companion oscillators. Testing has demonstrated that the combination of the two technologies offers customers the optimum cost-performance ratio for use in WCDMA, WiMAX, Femtocell, and 3G Node B backhaul communications systems.

For WCDMA and WiMAX Femtocells, Semtech’s timing technology delivers a precise frequency clock via an ADSL/Ethernet connection to the packet network, to ensure that tight air interface timing requirements are met.

“Semtech’s unique platform is poised to usher in the use of IEEE 1588 V2 to help ever more remote networks keep the precise levels of synchronization they need for real-time applications,” said Patrick Diamond, Director of Systems Engineering for Semtech’s Advanced Communications and Sensing Business Unit. “Together with Rakon’s frequency control products, we can deliver on the technology’s promise of cost effective and high-precision timing solutions for the networking industry.”

“We see the market for IEEE 1588 as a real opportunity because it enables us to deliver the highest levels of frequency stability, far deeper into wired and wireless packet networks enabling new applications that need the strict timing tolerances provided by the standard,” said Sinan Altug, Global Director of Business Development and Applications at Rakon. “Joining together with Semtech in this development will bring to market a solution that will set the standard in the industry and will allow us to extend further our portfolio of system technologies supporting the strong growth in next-generation network deployments.”

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