Renesas Electronics and KW-Software Collaborate on Marketing of TPS-1 Profinet Chip

24th November 2010
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Renesas Electronics, a premier supplier of advanced semiconductor solutions, and KW-Software, a Phoenix Contact group company and a leading provider of industrial solutions and technologies, today announced a strategic collaboration for the marketing and distribution of the TPS-1, a Profinet IO device chip developed by Phoenix Contact and Siemens.
The TPS-1 chip will be available via Renesas Electronics’ global sales channels along with the ERTEC 200/400 Profinet controllers developed by Siemens.

Profinet is a protocol for industrial automation standards, which are based on Ethernet. The TPS-1 Profinet chip enables device manufacturers to integrate Profinet IO interfaces quickly, easily and cost-effectively. The chip, which was jointly developed by Phoenix Contact, KW-Software’s parent company, and Siemens, complements Siemens’ existing ERTEC 200/400 range of base technology components and is particularly suitable for compact IO devices and drives. The TPS-1 device brings the costs of a Profinet IO interface in Conformance Class C down to the price level of today’s Interbus (Note 1) or Profibus (Note 2) interfaces. The resell rights of the TPS-1 chip are owned by KW-Software, and the TPS-1 chip will be manufactured by Renesas Electronics. The addition of the TPS-1 Profinet chip to Renesas Electronics’ product range, supported by its competent worldwide sales channels, extends the use of the Profinet IO interface as a future standard on the global market.

Within the framework of the planned collaboration, Renesas Electronics plans to expand its worldwide sales and customer support for the TPS-1 Profinet chip via its distribution network. KW-Software will undertake the maintenance and ongoing development of software modules for the TPS-1 Profinet chip and will provide assistance if any system-related queries should arise concerning Profinet and the development of customer-specific solutions.

“Renesas Electronics is dedicated to being a long-term partner in the industrial automation market, providing exceptional service and rich product lineups,” said Kazuyoshi Yamada, senior vice president, Renesas Electronics Corporation. “Through the collaboration with KW-Software, Renesas Electronics provides even better service by promoting the Profinet IO interface on a global scale and enhancing our lineups of Profinet-based devices.”

“The TPS-1 is a highly integrated single-chip solution for easy connection of compact devices and drives to Profinet,” said Volker Bibelhausen, Head of Business Unit Automation, Phoenix Contact Electronics GmbH. “Phoenix Contact has brought its extensive experience to bear to the TPS-1 chip based on its development of the Interbus system, while at the same time introducing new ideas for enhancing the performance of Profinet. The partnership with Renesas Electronics will help boost the adoption of Profinet in field devices and thus further strengthen Profinet as the worldwide standard.”

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