Renesas Electronics Europe Announces New European Management Following Merger

1st April 2010
ES Admin
Renesas Electronics Europe, the European entity of the newly established Renesas Electronics Corporation (TSE: 6723), today announced its new executive team. The announcement coincides with the merger of the former NEC Electronics Corporation (NEC Electronics) and Renesas Technology Corp. that takes effect on April 1, 2010.
Renesas Electronics Europe's top management will be comprised of Tsutomu Miki as chairman and Robert Green as president and CEO. Prior to the merger, Tsutomu Miki (54) was president and CEO of Renesas Technology Europe GmbH. He joined Renesas in 2003 from Mitsubishi. Robert Green (50) was previously president and CEO of NEC Electronics Europe and joined NEC Electronics from Atmel in 1999, with previous experience at Philips Semiconductors. Renesas Electronics Europe Ltd. will be headquartered in Buckinghamshire in the UK. The German-based Business Operations Centre and headquarters of Renesas Electronics Europe GmbH will be located in Düsseldorf. This will be a subsidiary of Renesas Electronics Europe Ltd., while the other European operations will be subsidiaries of the Düsseldorf office.

Renesas Electronics Europe will be structured into three divisions - the Business Group, the Engineering Group, and the Corporate Group - to reflect the merged company's strategic orientation going forward.

The Business Group (BG) will itself be subdivided into the following five application oriented divisions:

* Automotive BG, to be managed by Gerd Look and Peter Mies

* Communications and Consumer BG, headed up by Daniel Tannière and Joerg Frese

* Industrial BG, led by Holger Zielke and Haroon Rashid

* Secure MCU Centre, managed by Volker Politz

* Mobile Platform Centre, headed by Dr. Manfred Schlett

The Engineering Group (EG) will be headed up by Koki Noguchi and Matthias Voigt. The EG comprises two divisions: the Engineering Design Centre (EDC), under Koki Noguchi's leadership; and the Engineering Technology Centre (ETC) led by Matthias Voigt. The new European company also has a Quality Centre to provide technical support to local customers in Europe.

The Corporate Group (CG) covers organisational and enterprise services. The business planning, finance and IT areas will be managed by Toshihiko Ono; supply chain management by Stefan Sauer; and human resources and general affairs by Thomas Ballhausen.

The new European company and its three divisions will be led by a seasoned executive team right from the outset, commented Tsutomu Miki, chairman of Renesas Electronics Europe. The managers from NEC Electronics and Renesas all have complementary skills and experience which will help accelerate the integration of the two companies.

Our first task will be to create an efficient sales structure that is transparent for our customers and partners, added Rob Green, president and CEO of Renesas Electronics Europe. We'll be working hard to ensure that the transition to an integrated company is as smooth as possible for everyone concerned.

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