Renesas, aicas, and emtrion deliver solution for full-featured Java Virtual Machine running on the SH7780 group of high performance processors

16th October 2008
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Renesas Technology Europe, aicas GmbH, and emtrion GmbH have announced the availability of JamaicaVM 3.2 for the HiCO.SH7780 Single Board Computer. This solution facilitates short engineering cycles for innovative industrial products and equipment.

JamaicaVM 3.2 is an embedded Java Virtual Machine, which supports most features of Java 5. It is based on a real-time garbage collector, enabling the use of Java even in time- and safety-critical applications. Also, JamaicaVM takes the popular Swing graphics library, which is most popular for desktop applications, into embedded systems with SH-4/SH-4A based CPUs.Thus it enables the fast and easy creation of applications in the areas handling, control, visualisation, remote maintenance and capture of production data. JamaicaVM 3.2 is the easiest solution for porting Java applications that were written for a desktop PC to embedded systems with SH7780 microprocessors. The small footprint of JamaicaVM (<1MB) makes it attractive even for high-volume devices with very limited resources.

The SH7780 is a microprocessor incorporating the high end SuperH(TM) SH-4A CPU core, an on-chip floating point unit (FPU) with single-precision and double-precision arithmetic operations and a PCI (peripheral component interconnect) bus controller (PCIC). Running at 400MHz the device offers performance of 720 MIPS and 2.8 GFLOPS which provides high-performance for multimedia applications, digital home products and building and factory automation products. The SH7780 employs a sophisticated bus system with three dedicated external busses which can be operated simultaneously, allowing for efficient data transfer, fast boot-up time when transferring data from flash memory to DDR-SDRAM and therefore resulting in an overall enhancement in system performance.

aicas’ Java solution is now available as reference on emtrion’s HiCO.SH7780 single board computer running under Microsoft Windows CE 6.0 R2. The HiCO.SH7780 is available with a choice of baseboards, and can also be customized for specific requirements targeting battery-powered and/or highly integrated devices in harsh industrial environments. The board comes standard with 128MB of DDR SDRAM, and 32MB of flash, expandable via an optional MMC or CF interface. Peripheral interfaces are brought out to fine-pitch connectors comprising Emtrion's HiCO.nect CPU module interface. Operating system support comprises Windows CE 6.0, Linux 2.6 and QNX Software Systems.

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