Productronica 2009 – UK exhibitors gearing up for the World’s leading electronics production event

7th August 2009
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productronica, the world’s leading trade fair for all aspects of electronics production, will be held at the New Munich Trade Fair Centre from November 10 to 13, 2009. More than just an exhibition, productronica has been the production industry’s global meeting place since 1975 and this year’s event will bring together more than 1000 exhibitors from over 30 countries. Altogether, more than 75,000m² of exhibition space has already been reserved by companies representing every sector of electronics production from PCB assembly and test and measurement, to materials handling, contract manufacturing and logistics.
With the claim “World’s leading trade fair for innovative electronics production“ and the theme “Innovation all along the line“, new innovation has become the focal point of productronica 2009. Focus areas will highlight leading suppliers, i.e. what they can offer in terms of innovative future-related products and processes. These focus areas will examine those topics representing market sectors with real growth potential. These include photovoltaic manufacturing, micronano production, organic electronics and electronic manufacturing services. Newly formed companies can book so-called Innovation Field Packages for these focus areas and take part in the trade fair at a very reasonable cost. Special shows and forums during productronica will emphasize innovations in the industry far more than before and will offer ideal opportunities for knowledge transfer.

As usual, the UK and Ireland will be well represented by exhibitors at productronica 2009 across all major electronics production sectors.

Inspection and Test
The Dage Group ( leads the way in destructive and non-destructive testing and inspection of electronic components. Dage Precision Industries has developed industry-leading systems for testing wire bonds on the latest component packages including BGAs and Chip Scale Packages (CSPs), as well as the very latest 300mm wafer bump shear technology. The company is also a leader in X-ray inspection equipment targeted at the semiconductor and printed circuit board industries. Visitors to productronica 2009 can expect to see the recently announced XD7600NT100 digital X-ray inspection system received with much acclaim by users and already the recipient of several key industry awards. The new system provides genuine X-ray feature recognition down to 100nm (0.1 microns) and comes equipped with a high performance imaging system offering oblique angle viewing of up to 70 degrees in any position around a large 407 x 458mm inspection area without compromising system magnification. The XD7600NT100 offers the ease of use for which Dage systems are universally recognized making its superior functionality readily available for the most demanding X-ray inspection applications.

GTS Flexible Materials ( is one of Europe’s leading manufacturers of flexible circuit materials and adhesive coatings designed for a very broad range of applications throughout industry. In particular, the company’s flexible printed circuitry materials are used throughout the World’s electronics, automotive and aerospace industries. Depending on the application, GTS can provide an almost limitless combination of metal type and thickness and with more than 150 different adhesive formulations, the company can engineer a material to suit practically every customer requirement. Coloured adhesives are also available allowing colour-coded circuits to be produced.

Reed relay specialist Pickering Electronics ( is a regular visitor to the Munich showgrounds. Pickering is widely recognized as a key manufacturer of reed relays used throughout the electronics industry. Available in most popular package types including surface mount, single in line and dual in line, Pickering’s reed relays are used extensively in instrumentation, ATE systems and high voltage switching applications. The latest addition to the company’s product range is a family of devices designed for use in equipment using 3V Logic. These new 3V reed relays are available with three coil resistance levels. The Series 100 offers 2000 ohms, Series 101 offers 1600 ohms while the small Series 118 offers 1000 ohms making these ideal for portable equipment. All are available in 1 Form A versions with 2 Form A and Form C versions on the way.

Electrolube ( is a leading manufacturer of electro-chemicals including high performance products used in manufacturing electronics for automotive, military, aerospace, marine, consumer and medical applications. Products include contact lubricants, cleaning solutions, conformal coatings, thermal management materials, resins, surface mount products and maintenance aids.

Electrolube’s products are specified and widely used for the manufacture and maintenance of electrical and electronic components and assemblies. To help encourage greener manufacturing and reduce VOC emissions, Electrolube has created a series of products that are highly effective, yet kind to the environment and to human health. One of the groundbreaking ‘green’ products is the NVOC, a VOC free conformal coating that performs to the same level as a solvent based coating.

Semiconductor Processing
This year sees the 50th Anniversary of Oxford Instruments ( Its Plasma Technology Business Group provides a range of high performance tools to semiconductor processing customers involved in research and development and production. The technologies available from Oxford Instruments include plasma etch and deposition, atomic layer deposition, hybrid vapour phase epitaxy, ion beam etch and deposition and nanoscale growth. These etch, deposition and growth systems provide process solutions for the micro and nanometer engineering of materials for semiconductor, optoelectronics, MEMs and microfluidics, high quality optical coating and many other applications in micro and nanotechnology. Products range from compact, standalone systems for research and development, to batch tools and up to clustered cassette-to-cassette platforms for high throughput production processing.

Exhibition News
productronica 2009 will see the first Munich Electronics Summit. This event for CEOs of global operating companies will be held at the New Munich Trade Fair Centre on November 10, 2009. The guest of honour at the event will be Ram Charan, one of the World’s leading management and business consultants.

The Munich Electronics Summit is aimed at CEOs and Managing Directors of leading international groups and large medium-sized enterprises from all parts of the World. During an exclusive discussion in an informal and private atmosphere followed by a dinner, the business leaders will meet to talk about strategies, ideas, future trends and general political conditions within the electronics industry.

The CEO Round Table is a public podium discussion with leading figures from the worldwide electronics industry and has long been a permanent fixture at productronica and electronica. It is being retained in its current form and is now part of the Munich Electronics Summit. One new feature is a keynote address to be given by Ram Charan before the discussion. The mentor of the Munich Electronics Summit is Dr. Jürgen Gromer, a member of the Supervisory Board and former President of Tyco Electronics.

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