New systems boost Valtronic's capability

30th January 2016
Peter Smith

Valtronic has purchased two new production systems – a Kurtz HR600 Hybrid Rework System and a Nordson ASYMTEK’s Quantum Q-6800 Dispensing Unit for Encapsulation. Both systems currently are being installed. Valtronic purchased these technologies with the purpose of improving the speed and quality of its lines.

Kurtz Ersa North America’s HR600 hybrid rework system is equipped with a highly dynamic and efficient heating technology with the bottom-side heating (2400 W) divided into three independent heating zones. The newly developed hybrid top-side emitter provides 800W of heating power and combines the advantages of infrared heating with those of a convection heater. In order to thermally control the rework process, the HR 600 uses proven closed-loop technology. The component temperature is measured and can be controlled exactly. With the HR 600, non-contact temperature measurement is even more precise thanks to a digital infrared sensor.

Nordson ASYMTEK’s Quantum Q-6800 high-value fluid dispensing system is said to deliver quality, value and productivity for demanding fluid dispensing applications. A high-performance, large-format dispensing platform, the system features a large dispense area with a laser height sensor (LHS) while new sophisticated system electronics and controls provide enhanced versatility. The larger dispense area is well suited for dual-valve dispensing and is ideal for a wide selection of substrate sizes, fluids and processes used in packaging and assembly dispensing applications. The Quantum Series provides exceptional value with standard LHS and RGB LED lighting for the vision system, and new optional features (CPJ+, Fids-on-the-Fly) not available on Axiom extend Quantum’s capabilities.

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