MPC Data Announces a seminar focussed on Technology Solutions for Healthcare & Medical Devices

22nd September 2010
ES Admin
MPC Data, in partnership with Nuhorizons, Linear Technology, Team Consulting, iSuppli, MLE & Jaltek with sponsorship from ARM and Microsoft, invite you to a seminar focusing on the design of embedded products for the healthcare & medical markets.
Neville Bulsara, MPC Data Business Development Manager, states “Continuous innovation and high demand within healthcare and medical electronics is leading to high growth opportunities for embedded equipment designers. We will take designers through the journey of medical lab design concept right through to the manufacture of real products.” The seminar will host a number of presentations from industry experts. They will cover healthcare and medical markets as a whole, highlighting the application of technology in the various embedded equipment types.

The talks will explore major aspects of the design flow, taking a conceptual idea in the lab through the engineering development of prototypes and then ramping into volume manufacture. The presentations will include overviews of the requisite standards (such as ISO13485) and certifications in the clinical, imaging & home devices, highlighting how advances in digital & analogue semiconductor technology have not only increased the data handling and communication capability of these equipments, but also enabling radically smaller form factors and price points. ARM technology lies at the heart of advanced digital products and they will present their range of processor technology available today. Microsoft provides a range of operating systems targeted at embedded systems, with features designed to ensure reliability, low power and high performance.

Windows Embedded is used extensively in medical and healthcare systems for applications as diverse as health monitoring devices to ultrasound equipment. Products are becoming more reliant on embedded software technology not only for resource management but also for usability/ease of use, MPC Data is a world class embedded software and solutions provider and will present a valuable overview on choosing an operating system for your design. Linear Technology Corporation is a leading manufacturer of high performance analogue integrated circuits for applications including complex medical devices and healthcare systems, Linear will present an overview of the requisite standards and certifications in the clinical, imaging and home devices, highlighting how advances in semiconductor technology have increased the data handling and communication capability of medical equipment, enabling radically smaller form factors and reduced costs.

This seminar is aimed primarily at design engineers and managers in companies planning to start designing and building equipment for the healthcare and medical market. It will also be of interest to research scientists who will gain some industry insight on how to commercialise their ideas and projects. Finally, there will be a small exhibition area with companies and consultancies that have products and services for the medical and healthcare market. Jackie Rutter, European Marketing Manager for Linear Technology says, “We are very excited to be part of this seminar program. We will present our strong portfolio of products that enable the design of new low power medical products and bring them to market.”

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