MOST Forum Invites Speakers for 2013

3rd July 2012
ES Admin
The MOST Forum again invites speakers to present the latest MOST Technology insights and future outlook on April 23, 2013. In Stuttgart/Esslingen (Germany), this international MOST conference and exhibition will again welcome top professionals from the automotive electronics industry and academia to exchange information and the results of their recent work.
Concurrent with the MOST Cooperation’s All Members Meeting, this one-day industry event on the leading automotive infotainment technology will present current and future technologies and application highlights based on MOST. At the recent MOST Forum 2012, attendees from all over Europe, Asia and North America came together to celebrate the substantial breakthrough of MOST150 rolling off the line, said Henry Muyshondt, Technical Liaison of the MOST Cooperation (MOSTCO – the standardization organization for the leading automotive multimedia network Media Oriented Systems Transport MOST). The technology update and outlook presented included the network integration of diverse applications, such as Advanced Driver Assist Systems (ADAS), and easier connection to IT systems outside the vehicle. With the current MOST150 rollout, the MOST Cooperation is adding a dedicated Ethernet channel to the other widely used transport mechanisms already supported by MOST for the movement of audio, video and control information within the car. The Ethernet Channel of MOST150 operates like an IEEE802.x network. MOST150 multiplexes Ethernet technology onto a networking technology that was designed to meet stringent automotive requirements.

The Call for Speakers for the MOST Forum 2013 is now open, and anyone interested is invited to submit a proposal for a paper by September 21, 2012. The upcoming MOST Forum will again provide an ideal venue to share ideas and experiences, and to discuss the latest news on this de-facto automotive networking standard. The broad international audience will be composed of researchers, designers, engineers, system developers, as well as purchasers, journalists and managers of the industries involved.

Suggested topics for paper submission include, but are not limited to, MOST physical layer, MOST networking and system architecture, MOST software and protocols, MOST compliance and quality, MOST applications and series projects experience, MOST and other standards, as well as research and miscellaneous topics such as consumer products in the car.

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