Mitsubishi achieves three Guinness World Record titles

12th December 2016
Enaie Azambuja

Mitsubishi Electric announced that  Mitsubishi Electric elevators have achieved three GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS titles for the following record categories: Fastest lift (elevator), Tallest lift (elevator) in a building and Fastest double-deck lift (elevator). All three models are operating in the 632-meter Shanghai Tower, China’s tallest building. Mitsubishi Electric received the GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS certificates during a ceremony in its head office, Tokyo.

The Mitsubishi Electric elevators were certified by Guinness World Records Ltd. as follows:

-    Fastest lift (elevator): one unit that travels at 1,230 meters per minute, or 73.8 kilometers per hour, directly from the second basement level to the observation deck on the 119th floor in just about 53 seconds

-    Tallest lift (elevator): in a building: two emergency-use units that travel 578.55 meters between the third basement level and the 121st floor

-    Fastest double-deck lift (elevator): eight units that travel at 600 meters per minutes, or 36.0 kilometers per hour, directly between the ground floor and hotel lobby on the 101st floor


Mitsubishi Electric Elevators Delivered to Shanghai Tower (world records in bold)

Delivered to

Shanghai Tower (Shanghai Zhongxin Dasha)

Owned by

Shanghai Tower Construction and Development Co. Ltd.


Total of 114 units:

-    3 ultra-high-speed shuttle lifts (elevators) to observation deck, including 1 traveling at up to 1,230 m/min (the speed is controllable depending on the traffic conditions) and 2 at 1,080 m/min

-    64 mid- to high-speed elevators traveling at 150 to 480 m/min, including 2 emergency-use elevators traveling total distances of 578.55 meters

-    20 double-deck lifts (elevators), including 8 traveling at 600 m/min

-    27 low-speed elevators traveling at up to 105 m/min


Inazawa Works, Mitsubishi Electric Corporation

Shanghai Mitsubishi Elevator Co., Ltd.

Mitsubishi Electric Shanghai Electric Elevator Co., Ltd.


Shanghai Mitsubishi Elevator Co., Ltd.


Shanghai Tower is a 632-meter skyscraper complex in the Lujiazui Finance and Trade Zone of Pudong, Shanghai. It houses offices, a hotel, retail stores, conference and exhibition halls, culture and tourism facilities and restaurants.

Mitsubishi Electric became the first Japanese company to deliver elevators to China in 1950. Teaming with Shanghai Electric (Group) Corp. in 1987, it jointly founded Shanghai Mitsubishi Elevator Co., Ltd. (SMEC) to become the first Japanese company to manufacture, sell, install and maintain elevators and escalators in China.

Mitsubishi Electric Shanghai Electric Elevator Co., Ltd. (MESE) was established in 2002. Currently, SMEC supplies mid-price products and MESE supplies high-end MAXIEZ series elevators across China.

Going forward, Mitsubishi Electric will continue to expand its business in China, the world’s largest market, including through strengthening collaboration with SMEC and MESE.

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