Low-profile power amp suits military & aerospace applications

3rd December 2014
Barney Scott

NuWaves Engineering introduces the latest version of its NuPower high-efficiency power amplifier family of products with the NuPower 13G05A. The NuPower 13G05A provides saturated RF power of at least 35 from 800 to 2000MHz with greater than 40% module efficiency across the frequency band. With a nominal input drive level of 0dBm, the NuPower 13G05A offers an impressive 45dB of RF gain.

Further, the power amplifier’s aluminium chassis features improved heat dissipation characteristics for higher-temperature operation, and at a compact size of 4.50x3.50x0.61" (114.30x88.900x15.494mm), it is small enough for integration into a wide variety of air- or ground-based tactical, test or training platforms. With an impressive size, weight and power profile, the NuPower 13G05A can be used with communications and telemetry systems to provide range extension or with electronic warfare systems for airborne electronic attack at low altitudes.

“The NuPower 13G05A signals an important evolution of our RF power amplifier product line,” said Jeff Wells, President and CEO, NuWaves Engineering. “We’re applying advancements in miniaturisation and heat dissipation to achieve higher power levels in order to meet the needs of a broader market and, ultimately, enhance the capabilities of our Warfighters.”

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