knitter-switch to focus on its smallest switches at electronica 2010

25th September 2010
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knitter-switch (Hall B5 273), one of Europe’s leading switch manufacturers, will present a wide range of new products at electronica 2010 which takes place at the New Munich Trade Fair Centre from November 9th to November 12th. Focus of the knitter-switch exhibit will be the company’s space-saving small switch portfolio, together with membranes and the wide range of encoders with two new series.
According to knitter-switch CEO Hans Peter Kulb, there is an increasing need to reduce the size of components across all applications as products become smaller. Many knitter-switch customers are requesting that switches not only occupy the minimum amount of space on the PCB, but are also as “flat” as possible thereby reducing the height off the board. This three-dimensional space saving requirement is behind the introduction of several product ranges- all of which will be presented at electronica.

The FT toggle switch family and the FP pushbutton switch family are micro miniature devices that take up just 4.5 x 7mm of PCB space and have a case size of only 5.4mm. These switches are available as single or double-pole versions and are becoming very popular in many areas of industry including medical systems and test and measuring instruments.

The TMSE 10 tact switch family which needs just 4.5 x 4.8mm of board space will be shown along with other tact switch series which have for example a height off the board of as little as 1.5mm.

The knitter-switch MMP/MMS slide switch series offers a large selection of variants all of which take up minimal space. The MMSP 132 has an installation height of just 2mm yet combines a slide switch with a pushbutton function.

The DHS500 is the smallest half-pitch dual-in-line (DIL) switch series offered by knitter-switch. It has a casing size of just 4.5mm wide and 1.5mm with lengths depending on the number of poles ranging from 2 poles at 3.7mm to 13.9mm for the 12 pole version. The DSS 500 series includes the flattest normal pitch switch available in a DIL casing and with an installation height of just 2.1mm.


The latest MER 23-20 encoders feature a large hollow shaft and the potential to incorporate an LED or tactile switch within the device makes them ideal for home multimedia systems, car radios and measuring instruments.

Each turn of the encoder is 20 pulses and with a lifetime of a minimum 30,000 cycles, MER 23-20 devices offer users a reliable and robust control solution. One cycle is a full 360º CW followed by a 360º CCW turn. The encoder has a 9x9mm square hole which allows the placement of an LED and/or tactile switch on to the encoder’s internal PCB. Operating temperature range is -10ºC to +70ºC.

The MERP 12-24 225M Series is particularly suitable for a wide variety of control panel applications. MERP 12-24 225M encoders feature a pushbutton function and incorporate and LED illumination facility that allows a choice of no less than eight different colours – white, orange, red, green, light-green, blue, cyan and violet.

With a lifetime of more than 30,000 cycles for the encoder and 20,000 for the pushbutton function, MERP 12-24 225M encoders have an operating temperature range of -40ºC to +85ºC.

Applications include on-stage entertainment systems, audio mixing consoles and products where simple red/green signalling is not sufficient.

Membrane Switches

The latest technology in membrane switches will also be on display at electronica. The use of membrane switches not only provides a product with the ability to work in unusual or difficult environments, but also allows the designer to incorporate a high level of “uniqueness” into his project. As a result, enquiries for membrane switches at knitter-switch are on the increase. Visitors to the knitter-switch booth will be able to discuss the many benefits of membrane switches.

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