JTAG Technologies To Showcase Latest Product Development at Autotestcon

4th August 2010
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JTAG Technologies will be showcasing latest developments and products at Autotestcon Orlando. IEEE AUTOTESTCON is the United States' largest conference focused on automatic test systems for U.S. military systems, and has been held annually since 1965. The conference, whose general theme is The Support Systems Technology Conference, is held in varying cities around the U.S. each fall. Administered by a standing Board of Directors, the conference typically presents over 120 quality application-focused papers with over 250 exhibits, all focused precisely on the current issues facing military automated test.
Amongst a variety of products, these latest models deserve attention and will be presented at Autotestcon:

New JTAG Boundary Scan Tester/Programmer - New partnership Astronics Corp/JTAG Technologies

The JTS1000 is a Universal JTAG Boundary Scan Tester and Programmer that can be utilized as a Production Run Time and Application Development system for performing Circuit Card Assembly (CCA) structural integrity tests or CCA programming. The available assets packaged within a small footprint make the JTS1000 suitable for both Production and Field Testing. The JTS1000 utilizes Astronics DME's Test EZR Software Suite for automated testing and program development.

Other standard features include:

. Standalone bench-top LXI-based system . JTAG TAPS with up to 256 programmable digital I/O channels . 6.5 digit DMM . Power and multiplexed switching . 16 port Ethernet switch . Up to 4 programmable DC power supplies . Plus various software

Our Partner Astronics Corporation is a leader in advanced, high performance lighting, electrical power and automated test systems for the global aerospace and defense industries. Astronics Corporation, and its wholly-owned subsidiaries Astronics Advanced Electronic Systems Corp. (AES), Astronics Luminescent Systems Inc. (LSI) and Astronics DME (DME) have a reputation for high quality designs, exceptional responsiveness, strong brand recognition and best-in-class manufacturing practices.

Geotest and JTAG Technologies Announced Integrated System Following a recently successful series of JTAG / Functional test seminars in Europe and the United States, Geotest - Marvin Test Systems and JTAG Technologies had announced a new Technology Partnership. Under the partnership, Geotest now offers pre-configured PXI test systems including the JTAG Technologies' high-performance JT 37x7/PXI boundary-scan controller. Included with the boundary scan test option is JTAG Technologies' high-level driver suite for Geotest's ATEasy software which facilitates integrating boundary-scan applications as part of an overall functional test strategy.

JTAG Technologies gives you an update on the latest developments of this product.

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