Integrated laser driver and amplifier delivers low cost solution for 125Mbps - 1.25Gbps optical modules

26th February 2008
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Phyworks has launched a highly integrated laser driver and limiting amplifier IC for small form factor optical modules operating between 125Mbps and 1.25Gbps. The first device of its kind to be offered at $1 in volume, the PHY1040 is also the first to support both VCSEL and continuous mode DFB and FP lasers for DDM and non-DDM applications.
Providing a more flexible design platform for Gigabit Ethernet, OC3 and OC-12 optical modules, the PHY1040 significantly reduces component cost, PCB size and design and manufacturing complexity. The transceiver can be easily integrated with the proven PHY1092 or PHY1095 TIAs and a low cost EEPROM or microcontroller to create a complete SFP solution.

Phyworks’ CEO, Stephen King said, “With the rapid worldwide growth in IP based access, metro and core networks, the needs of higher data rate video applications and the proliferation of Gigabit Ethernet ports, there was a clear need for a new generation of ICs to sustain the drive to lower cost optical
modules. By leveraging our proven technology and expertise in high-level product integration the PHY1040 delivers not only the most value from a price standpoint, but also the performance levels, customer support, quality, reliability and delivery standards which are synonymous with the Phyworks name worldwide.”

The PHY1040’s selectable driver output stage can either be configured as a common anode VCSEL driver, providing a modulation current up to 30mA and a bias current of 20mA, or as a continuous mode laser driver, providing a peak modulation current of up to 80mA and bias current of 90mA. Bias can be controlled in either a closed loop mode using a cost-saving integral APC loop or in an open loop mode using a temperature indexed look-up table.

The receiver section of the PHY1040 consists of an AGC input amplifier, programmable low pass filter, limiting stage and CML driver. A signal detect / loss of signal alarm is also provided which compares input signal with user selectable threshold and hysteresis values. Device settings can be stored in an external 2k EEPROM connected via the transceiver’s integral two wire serial interface.

Requiring a 3.3V supply and temperature rated for operation between –40ºC and +95ºC, the PHY1040 is housed in the 32-pin 5x5mm QFN package.

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