Entering the IoT battlefield

2nd June 2017
Alice Matthews

Industries have embarked on a journey of digital transformation in this IoT era, through the deployment of 'things' and the use of Big Data. Digitalisation helps the industries to have more interaction with the end users and thus based on the information collected, owners can advance operation process, improve sales and marketing strategies and enhance customer experience.

Avalue Technology, a long term professional industrial computer solution provider, recognised the shift of market trend and has been working with IoT alliance partners to provide Smart Retail Solution, Smart Healthcare Solution, Intelligent Transportation System and Smart Factory Solution. With these new IoT solutions and services aiming at different vertical markets, Avalue is officially stepping into the new role of IoT solution provider and announcing the opening of demo room at Taipei headquarter.

Smart retail
Retail technology helps retailers to do in-store marketing, increase customer satisfaction, observe and analyse customer behaviour, perform seamless and secured transactions and get deeper insight based on business intelligence. With the support of Microsoft Azure Cloud Service, Avalue is able to provide online-to-offline solutions to brick-and-mortar retailers, allowing stores to offer interactive shopping experience to customers while at the same time collect data and feedback from the market, which in turn serve as reliable statistics and source for strategy improvement.

Smart healthcare
Avalue’s Smart Healthcare solution helps hospital to provide easier medical procedure to patients as well as improve staff member’s working efficiency and quality by digitalising the traditionally complicated and labour-intensive outpatient and inpatient process. The solutions include digital self-service registration and outpatient clinic, health station, rehabilitation centre, exam room and operating room equipped with medical grade display and panel pc, smart nursing station and smart ward. Additionally, Avalue’s smart healthcare solution allows hospitals to have better allocation and integration of medical resources.

Intelligent transportation system
By implementing on-board diagnostics II (OBD II) dongle, in-vehicle computer and other sensing devices, fleet management, driver behaviour analysis and vehicle status monitoring are made simpler and more efficient. This data from the vehicles could be of help to vehicle owners and insurance companies for logistic management, asset protection and premium calculation and compensation.

Smart factory
Based on Geographic Information System (GIS) built with infrared sensor, factory virtual tour is made possible. Moreover, the high-accuracy indoor positioning ultra-wideband technology allows factory manager and security team to get hold of the location of the staff team as well as assets, improves factory safety, efficiency of work shift, asset tracking and material management.

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