E-bus battery maker moves to expanded facility

9th July 2017
Mick Elliott

Around 650 employees of the BMZ Group in Poland have moved into the new company facility “Alberta Einsteina.” During the move production continued without interruption. BMZ Poland is focusing on developing E-bus batteries for public transportation.


”With the new building, we will be very well positioned to respond to the strong growth in the market for lithium-ion battery systems, and will be able to further expand our production. BMZ Poland is a pioneer in the E-bus area in particular. E-buses are being used more and more frequently in the public sector,” explains Sven Bauer, CEO & Founder of the BMZ Group.

The BMZ Group developed the new building with the company Hochtief acting as project developer. “We invested around 20m Euro in the new building for BMZ Poland,” Bauer says. The new construction started in 2016 and lasted approx. 1.5 years. Over 100 employees are working at the BMZ Poland construction site, on an area of around 46,000 square meters where about 130 tons of steel are being used in the project.

The design, specially developed by BMZ Poland, guarantees good efficiency and a long service life, thanks to BMZ’s pioneering position in the lithium-ion technology sector.

BMZ Poland was founded in 2010, and generated revenues of around $88.9m in 2016 with about 650 employees. In 2017, the number of workers was almost 280, and the company plans to have more than 300 workers by the end of the year.



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