Delphi Showcases Broad Range of Infotainment, Connectivity and Safety / Security Technologies at 2012 CES

11th January 2012
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Delphi Automotive is showcasing its newest entertainment, connectivity, and safety / security technologies at the 2012 International Consumer Electronics Show (CES). Delphi will demonstrate products that link drivers to a myriad of possibilities available through cloud connectivity and safety system integration at its exhibit at the Las Vegas Convention Center (central plaza #CP26) Jan. 10-13.
Recognizing the importance of keeping drivers focused on the driving task and the desire of consumers to be entertained, informed and connected 24 hours a day, Delphi has applied its systems integration expertise to offer vehicle manufacturers the value of connected systems coupled with technology designed to mitigate driver distraction.

Delphi has a unique ability to connect systems that provide a critical interface between drivers and vehicles, said Kathy Winter, general director of Advanced Engineering and Software & Services at Delphi's Electronics & Safety division.

By strategically placing technology in a vehicle that allows its systems to talk to each other, we are increasing value exponentially. By utilizing our systems expertise to integrate that technology in intuitive and coordinated ways, we believe consumers will find the functionality most valuable.

At this year's CES, Delphi will demonstrate the integration of user interface, infotainment, safety and connectivity technology in its MyFi™ Connecting with Safety vehicle. Employing innovative technology in an environment that optimizes the user experience and mitigates distraction, MyFi is helping refine the driver/vehicle relationship.

MyFi Connected Infotainment Systems

Delphi's MyFi systems offer multiple levels of connectivity to help vehicle manufacturers meet the information and entertainment requirements of entry-level to premium vehicle purchasers. Using technologies like voice recognition, text-to-speech, large touch-screens, reconfigurable displays and workload management systems, MyFi systems can meet infotainment needs based upon the specific driving environment. The innovative MyFi infotainment system being demonstrated at CES 2012 presents a unique global connectivity solution that links drivers to the cloud and communicates with safety sensors to provide warnings and alerts when the driver's attention needs to be redirected.

Cloud-based Portal

Using Microsoft® Windows® Azure to offer a unique global connectivity solution, Delphi will demonstrate how drivers can interact with their vehicles from wherever they are, personalize the in-vehicle experience, and understand service needs before hitting the road. The flexibility of Delphi's portal enables vehicle manufacturers to differentiate themselves from competitors and allows consumers to access cloud-based information and entertainment while in their vehicles.

Driver-optimized Interface

Research shows that if a driver's attention remains focused within a 20-degree field-of-view immediately ahead of the vehicle, accidents caused by inattention are less likely to occur. By using reconfigurable and hi-mounted displays, text-to-speech, speech-to-text, touch screens and a driver-optimized center stack, Delphi is helping to focus drivers' eyes on the road and keep their hands on the wheel.

Reducing Driver Workload

Delphi's connectivity, infotainment, safety and systems integration expertise enables vehicle manufacturers to provide consumer connectivity in a way that helps maximize safety. Intelligent workload management systems help to reduce stress on drivers by assessing many factors. They facilitate timely alerts, modify interior displays to refocus driver attention, and activate vehicle functions such as automatically engaging the brakes. Factors assessed include traffic conditions, whether the car is in park or drive, driver attentiveness and more.

Advanced Driver Assistance Systems

Delphi active safety systems help make vehicles and drivers more aware of the situation around them. Addressing the front, sides and rear of vehicles, they are designed to help drivers avoid crashes and reduce the effects of a crash that can't be avoided. While Delphi continues to develop a myriad of safety innovations, the company offers substantial value by applying integration expertise. Linking with multiple vehicle systems through the vehicle data bus, Delphi is bringing its vision of a society with zero fatalities, zero injuries and zero accidents nearer to reality. Safety systems being demonstrated at CES include rear and side detection, collision warning, pedestrian detection and lane departure warning.

Other products on display at CES include Delphi's award-winning Navigation System that provides 3D road images to enhance the user experience, the industry-leading Mobile TV World Tuner, and a Wireless Device Charging system that creates a completely cordless environment for consumer electronics in vehicles. The Delphi Wireless Device Charging System transmits power over distance to deliver a charge without precise positioning of the electronic device receiving the charge. It would eliminate the clutter, inconvenience and distractions associated with multiple charging cords in the vehicle cabin and replace them with a safe, convenient and efficient automatic charging system. The system makes use of the same magnetic resonance technology as the Delphi Wireless Electric Vehicle Charging System.

Interviews at CES

Delphi will have technical specialists available at CES. Please contact Linda Ferries at for additional information or to schedule an appointment.

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