Chlroine-free fluid cleans up at productronica

19th November 2017
Mick Elliott

MicroCare’s expertise in critical cleaning has been recognised with a Global Technology Award for the new halogen-free Tergo Chlorine-Free Cleaning Fluid. The award was presented at the productronica exhibition in Munich. The award program is designed to honour the most innovative products and processes introduced by equipment makers and material suppliers serving the electronics assembly industry over the past year.

The award was accepted by Mike Jones, Vice President at MicroCare; “We are honoured to receive this accolade from the Global Technology Awards. This is simply the latest proof that MicroCare leads the industry in critical cleaning innovation.”

There were several specific criteria which must be satisfied to win in the ‘Cleaning Materials’ category. These include excellence in innovation, a strong cost-benefit analysis, enhanced worker safety and improved environmental considerations.

The Tergo Chlorine-Free Cleaning Fluid topped all of these tests. It simply is one of the most effective cleaning fluids on the market, which means it helps companies to clean faster, better and at lower cost while meeting ever-more stringent environmental regulations.

Engineered for use in standard vapour degreasers, the Tergo Chlorine-Free Cleaning Fluid is a high-temperature, nonflammable cleaning system sometimes is described as a “co-solvent” system.

There are two liquids used in the process. First, the cleaning liquid is a proprietary, slow-drying chemistry that delivers excellent cleaning on all types of solder fluxes, oils, waxes and other stubborn contamination.

The second fluid is the nonflammable, fast-drying rinsing chemistry.

Together, the two liquids deliver excellent cleaning of complex shapes with superior materials compatibility. Both liquids are packaged and sold separately but used simultaneously.

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