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Ramtron's FRAM technology will make auto airbags smart

Ramtron's FRAM technology will make auto airbags smart
Ramtron International has announced that Hyundai Autonet of Korea has selected its non-volatile FRAM memory technology for smart airbags and occupant sensors in Hyundai automobiles among others. FRAM’s unparalleled write endurance along with its fast data collection capability makes it an ideal non-volatile memory technology for today’s sophisticated airbag systems.
24th May 2006

Storage peripheral solution for portable consumer products

QuickLogic Europe announces that its low-power QuickIDE bus-to-bus bridging IC interoperates with Hitachi Global Storage Technologies' one-inch Microdrive hard drive, delivering a complete mass storage peripheral solution for portable consumer products based on Intel embedded processors.
28th April 2006

ISi Announces Silicon Validation of Z-RAM Technology

Innovative Silicon Inc. (ISi), the developer of Z-RAM™ high density memory IP, has announced that it has achieved silicon validation of Z-RAM memory arrays on 90nm SOI process technologies. The company also announced that it has validated its memory bitcell (which requires only one transistor and zero capacitors) in an additional 10 fabrication processes that include 130nm SOI, 90nm SOI, and FinFET technologies. The company expects to demonstrate working silicon in multiple 65nm processes later this quarter.
23rd January 2006

Zero capacitor memory technology proved realisable on FinFET/TriGate device geometries

In a paper given by Innovative Silicon Inc. (ISi) at the recent IEEE SOI Conference, the company claims to prove the manufacturability of its Z-RAM (zero capacitor) embedded memory technology in FinFET and TriGate devices with geometries below 45nm.
19th January 2006

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