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TI delivers CD-quality wireless audio with new PurePath Wireless family

26th May 2010
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Texas Instruments introduced the first device in the family of PurePath Wireless audio products for consumer, portable and high-end audio applications, such as wireless headphones and wireless speakers. The CC8520 is an audio transceiver featuring a 2.4-GHz system-on-chip that transmits uncompressed CD-quality wireless audio over a state-of-the-art RF (radio frequency) link with no unwanted noise or dropouts. The CC8520 simplifies implementation of wireless audio while reducing the customer’s bill of materials (BOM) cost by 50 percent compared to competitive products.

“TI has applied extensive design expertise in both digital audio and low-power RF, working closely with key customers, to deliver a turnkey wireless audio solution that many major audio customers are already designing into their new systems,” said Laurent Giai-Miniet, general manager of TI’s Low-Power RF business unit. “The CC8520 solution includes best-in-class hardware, software and development kits to streamline the process of eliminating cables in audio designs and to drive high-performance wireless digital audio into more consumer applications, such as headphones, headsets, speakers, subwoofers and home theater systems.”

Key features and benefits

· Complete integrated solution with RF protocol and audio codec setup support, application designs and a free PurePath Configurator PC software tool.

· No microcontroller or software development is required, making it a flexible, low-cost solution with fast time-to-market.

· High quality-of-service for digital wireless audio transmission.

o No unwanted noise (clicks or pops) and high MTBD (mean time between dropout) compared to existing solutions.

o Excellent coexistence with Bluetooth®, WLAN and other 2.4-GHz devices.

o Low latency for better synchronization between audio and video.

o None of the sound distortion typically found in competing proprietary systems using compression techniques.

o Supports 16-bit, 44.1-KHz or 48-KHz audio without any compression.

· Compatible with wide variety of TI audio codecs (TLV320AIC3101), digital-to-analog converters (PCM1754), analog-to-digital converters (TLV320ADC3001) and audio amplifiers (TPA6140A2, TAS5713) using I2S and I2C interface support.

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